We’re 2 weeks closer to achieving our goal and we’ve learned so much, we now see the world around us from a different perspective.

We learned that our life is controlled most of the time by our subconscious mind, our paradigm and we now know that in order to change our life we have to change our paradigm.

We learned about the power of gratitude and its necessity in improving our life quality.

We discovered that everything in this world started as a thought in a person’s mind and we have the power to create and invent our life starting with our thoughts.

We know that everything has a price; that there is no such thing as something for nothing, and we have more than enough to give because we are unique and each and every one of us has something that the rest of the world needs.

We felt the power of giving, the joy of a smile, and the happiness of helping those around us.

We learned that faith and self-confidence are the main ingredients for any recipe for success.

We set up a short-term goal to prove the efficiency of this program.

But you don’t have to limit yourself to this goal alone. Pick anything you want! Do you want to be healthier? Let your goal be a healthier body. Have two goals! Do you want a great relationship? Let your goal be that. Have three goals, four or five, or as many as you want. There is no limit on what you can have and what you can achieve. The only limit is in your mind and by the end of this program, we would have broken this barrier.

We also learned that riches come through multiple streams and there are people in the world taking advantage of it and if they can, we can as well.

We know that we only live in the present and that past and future are illusions: memories and pictures, and we can use this to create our own personalized life through visualization.

Yesterday we spoke about the enemy of our success, the thief of time: procrastination. Unfortunately, that’s your fight, you have to beat procrastination and this is where you become the hero of your story.

I hope you enjoyed the journey so far and I thank you for being strong. I thank you for willing to change your life.

Thank you for reading.

Love and Peace!