Back to our Chart of Consciousness, acceptance is the action of consenting to receive or undertake something offered, or the process/ fact of being received as adequate, valid or suitable. Acceptance means embracing what is without resistance.

Acceptance applies both to the inside and the outside world. Accepting the inside world as what is, means giving power to the present moment. You don’t live in the memories of the past, thinking: what if it would have been different, nor in the fictional future, chasing happiness at a non-existing time. You live in the now and accept yourself for what you are, for what you have become.

Accepting yourself means being grateful for your life, experiences, and opportunities. Gratitude is the most harmonious frequency with abundance. Accepting yourself for what you are, means you don’t resent yourself – this is a very important step in creating abundance. You can’t change your past and resisting it won’t bring you any good, won’t bring you any satisfaction, just drama for your egoistic mind.

Applied to the outside world, acceptance is taking everything as it is. Being able to accept the world around you for what is, means having faith in the All-mighty that everything and everyone is where they are because of the perfection of the natural laws applied to their status. Not judging what is, means acceptance at a very high frequency of liberation towards absolute peace.

We sometimes look around us and observe certain scenes and tend to judge… from our point of view. Imagine that you had a unique life experience that can’t be compared with anyone. This unique life experience gives you the ability to judge only from one perspective – yours, which actually does not apply to the people/things in that particular scene. You may find similarities, but the whole scene is unique to each individual. You may sympathize with one party, but that doesn’t mean is the right one. In truth, there is no right or wrong in any scene/situation, as they are right or wrong only in relation to something else.

If you pick an event that you witnessed in the past, you would recall choosing one side, because it was the closest (in the argument) to your own experience. If you put yourself in the other person’s shoes and try to see it from their experience, you will agree they are right as well, because you now have knowledge about their perspective.

Next time when you get into an argument with your partner, sibling, parent, child or friend take a step back, pause and think: “what is their point of view?” and if you can’t see it, ask: “why do you think so and so?” Whatever their response is, that’s the reason for their position, and whatever you like it or not, you now understand why there is an argument.

We are unique human beings with equal power to create our own universes. Asking somebody to change the way they think is wanting to control their life… their creation… interfering with their own world. How would you feel if somebody would control your life? Like a puppet? It doesn’t feel good! No matter how much would you want to give the burden of responsibility to others, it won’t feel good. So don’t do it to others either, respect their existence and decisions and accept what is.

When you were just a kid and your parents sent you to do something, they expected you to do it in a certain way, because that was the “right way” from their perspective… that was the way they expected. If that something didn’t go as they expected, how did they react? Their reaction created in your subconscious mind a pattern that became part of your paradigm. You are now reacting through this paradigm.

Acceptance of what is doesn’t come by default, but we surely can change that. Acceptance of what is keeps you away from all the negative feelings, which are also the low-frequency ones. In the state of Acceptance, you don’t feel frustration, stress, jealousy, envy or hate. All you feel is happiness and peace. In the state of acceptance, you are able to make good decisions for yourself…you are relaxed and able to think clearly because your mind is not inundated by “ifs” and “what if”.

In the state of acceptance, you feel liberation and freedom. Do the right choice for you and hold yourself from judging or taking sides, accept what is for what is and have faith that it is the right thing for everybody involved and whatever you think one side is disadvantaged, know that it is their universe created by their very own mind. They chose in the past (consciously or not) for this moment to happen.

When somebody seeks advice from yourself, keep in mind whatever you say may not be what they’re looking for, may not be what they want to hear, may not follow your advice. Know that your advice came from your perspective and you can’t choose for them… it’s their decision that creates their future. Accept their decision and know they will be responsible for the outcome.

Accept yourself and accept the world you live in because that’s the world you created for yourself and if you feel like changing it, change the way you look at things and the things you’re looking at will change, but never force your will on to others, let the natural laws do their job.

Thank you for reading.

Love and Peace!