Many people talk about the importance of having a definite goal in mind if you want to succeed. If you go around and ask random people if they have a goal, 65/100 of them will have no clue what you’re talking about, if you ask the 35 if their goal is written down, only 15 will say yes, but in the end, only 5 will say they are working towards their goal.

Why is that?

We all want to do, have, and be: this and that, but why only 5% take action? Why do so few people decide to do something about their life, their future? I heard people saying because the government gives us what we need (do they give you what you want?) Others will blame the parents for not teaching their children properly (do the parents know?) and others will blame the culture, religion, society, etc. The truth is there is only one person to blame in this and that’s YOU. You are responsible for your life, You are responsible for your wellbeing, You are responsible for your dreams, You are responsible for your future!

I know… it sounds a bit harsh, but I won’t apologize for this, because if you don’t wake up to realize this, my apologies won’t help you anyway. Some will say: “OK, but where do I start?” and that’s really easy: you start with the end result and make a plan to follow. But what is a plan without action? When you ask an architect to create a plan for a house, you tell them exactly how you want it, how many rooms, bathrooms, if you want a balcony or a terrace, or both, if you want a garden and a garage… and they build the plan and deliver it to you. But do you have a house? No – all you have is a plan, and unless you take action to execute the plan you will never have the house.

Napoleon Hill tells us a real story about a clergyman, Dr. Frank W. Gunsaulus, who had a deep desire to become the directing head on an educational institution in which young men and women would be taught to “learn by doing”. (you can find the whole story in “Think and Grow Rich” – What Would I Do If I Had A Million Dollars). The preacher had this plan in his mind to the slightest detail for 2 years but didn’t have the money – it was a lot of money for him – a million dollars. After 2 years of waking up to the same dream, he wondered why it didn’t happen yet, how come after so long couldn’t find a solution for the money and he realized he didn’t take any action.

One morning he made up his mind that he would get the million within a week. He didn’t know How, the main thing was the decision to get the money within a week and a strange feeling of assurance came over him. He called the newspapers and told them that the following morning he will hold a sermon entitled: “What I would do if I had a million dollars”. On the day of the sermon, a lot of people gathered to find out what would he do with the money. He presented his plan in detail and at the end of the presentation, a gentleman approached him and said: “Reverend, I liked your sermon. I believe you can do everything you said you would if you had a million dollars. To prove that I believe in you and your sermon, if you will come to my office tomorrow morning, I will give you the million dollars. My name is Phillip D. Armour.”

With the money, Dr. Gunsaulus founded the Armour Institute of Technology. He had this plan for 2 years and didn’t do anything with it. The moment he reached a definite decision in his own mind to get it, and decided upon a definite plan for getting it, he got the money within 36 hours.

“Action!” – isn’t it what a director shouts when the scene is ready before they start shooting a film? Until this point, it is all preparation and planning, but nothing happens until he says: “Action!”

Everything created and invented on this earth started as an idea, it became a plan and through action… only through action, it manifested in physical reality. Don’t leave it for later, don’t wait for tomorrow to see if another “comfortable” plan will show up. Get out of your comfort zone! Fight procrastination and act NOW on your plan. This is your moment! This is your chance to start living the life you want.

The longer you delay your action, the longer it will take for your dream to manifest. Be decisive and take action! It’s your life, so stop looking for excuses. Do you want the life you dream about? Go and get it! It’s that easy. If you feel nervous about it, that’s perfect because you know this decision is taking you out of your comfort zone and that means you’re expanding and you’re growing and you’re getting closer to your dream.

I remember when I was a kid my father paid for swimming lessons and I got to this stage where I had to jump from a higher platform and I was frightened, I was afraid because I’ve never done it before, and I didn’t know what will happen if I jump. I hesitated a bit, but I jumped! and I dove into the water after a few seconds of falling. When I got out of the water, I realized that all the fear was in my mind. I was excited to go back up and jump again. Don’t let fear stop you from becoming better, it didn’t stop you when you learned to walk. Once you’ve done it once, you get better and comfortable with it. The first time is harder, but KNOW this: “Everything you want is on the other side of fear.” – Jack Canfield.

Thank you for reading.

Love and Peace!