Apathy – is the lack of interest, enthusiasm, or concern. This feeling is defined by a state of indifference or the suppression of emotions such as excitement, motivation or passion. An apathetic individual has an absence of interest in emotional, social, spiritual, philosophical or physical life and the world.

Apathy may also imply a lack of sense of purpose, worth, or meaning in their life. An apathetic person may also exhibit insensibility or bear the feeling that they do not possess the level of skill required to confront a challenge.

Apathy is a natural response to disappointment, dejection, and stress as a way of forgetting about these negative feelings. As per Consciousness Chart, it has a very low frequency, which means that whenever we have feelings of apathy, we should wake ourselves up, acknowledge our state of low vibration and look for a shift in feeling towards a higher vibration.

The opposite of apathy is empathy, which is defined as the ability to understand and share feelings of another. So, a good way of getting yourself out of an apathetic feeling is to become empathetic with another person. We commonly use empathy to describe our alignment to the pain of other people, like when they lost somebody dear to them, but the truth is, empathy means matching any feelings of other people including joy. So, if you see somebody happy about their achievement, and you share your joy with them it’s still empathy.

If you ever felt apathetic you know how heavy this feeling can be for your inner self. There are two ways to get out of it: 1) let it be and hope that eventually will pass away or 2) do something about it. The downside of the first is that it’s not controlled, and being on this level of vibration can only bring about more similar circumstances, which is not desirable.

The second way is divided into two as well: from outside and from inside. When you look to fix your apathetic feeling through smoking, alcohol, drugs, ice-cream, chocolate or anything else that’s outside your being, that makes you feel better and forget about your pain, keep in mind it’s only a temporary solution which pushes you in to the first option: hoping it will pass eventually. This only delays, but doesn’t fix the problem and can evolve into a habit which is also known as addiction and we don’t want to replace something bad with something else less bad.

What fixes the problem is the shift in the inner feeling. It doesn’t cost anything, has a quick and lasting fix and is not damaging to you nor your body. How do you do that? You tune in to other people’s joy, love or peace. Think of somebody you love very much and tune in to the vibration of love for that person (could be your children, siblings, parents or best friends).

Think of moments that made you happy, people that make you laugh all the time – call them and listen to their voice if that’s what makes you happy, read a joke or watch a funny clip.

You had quite some practice with meditation by now and you know that meditating is a state of “no thought” – no thought means no pain. The thought is the one that brings the pain and makes you apathetic. Meditate for a few minutes, liberate yourself from thoughts or simply replace them with happy and loving thoughts.

Choose love and joy; believe you are worth it, and you deserve the best on this earth. You are not lost, you just can’t see the path. Let love and joy be your torches and you will find the right path towards success, happiness, and peace.

Thank you for reading.

Love and Peace!