Desire – a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen.

You may think desire is a positive emotion, so why is it classed so low on the Chart of Consciousness. It is indeed a positive emotion, but this chart is not about feelings is about the state of being, consciousness.

Desire is the effort of the unexpressed possibility within, seeking expression without, through your action. Desire is when you get a beautiful idea in your mind and you internalize it, you turn it over to the subconscious mind and you do that by getting yourself emotionally involved in it. When you get emotionally involved with the image of the good that you desire, you are building desires.” – W. D. Wattles.

Napoleon Hill said that if you want to achieve anything in life you need a “burning desire” for it. He was absolutely right! A burning desire is a necessary ingredient for achieving the dream you have in your mind.

But, if desire is your constant state of being, it means you’re feeling emptiness, lack and you’re constantly in need of something. If you live in a desire state, it means you’re not happy with what you have, and you desire something else.

You must have a burning desire for achieving your goal, dream, the life you want, but you must not live in a state of desire.

I am so happy with the car I drive because it served me well, and I am truly grateful for the car I’m going to drive next because it’s what I desire.”

I am so happy in the house I live because it keeps me warm, is cosy and welcoming, and I am truly grateful for my bigger and nicer house I’m moving in because it’s what I desire.”

I’m so happy with the relationship I have because I’ve learned a lot and I am truly grateful as it gets better and better every day.

I am so happy with my health because I am alive and breathing, and I am truly grateful for it is improving every day.

The difference is, when you are in a state of desire, your car is dirty and messy and you’re thinking “I will take better care of my next car”, your house is disorganized and you say “I’ll move soon anyway”, you don’t appreciate the good things your relationship partner is doing thinking “s/he will change eventually”, and you will skip the exercises, eat an extra doughnut thinking “I’ll compensate for it tomorrow.”

Your desire state will take away your present, and you’ll end up in a state of imaginative life, in the future… but the future doesn’t exist. You can’t live in the future, you only live now and it is always now and if you don’t appreciate the present, you’ll never have the future. It’s like being at the start line visualizing the finish line but missing the start because you are not aware of start.

You have to be present and desire must be your goal. It’s no good if you dream of a wonderful life all day, every day if you’re not aware of the present. You’ll always live at the start line with the dream of the finish line. Be aware of your state. Be present, grateful and act towards your desire.

Desire is the fuel, not your vehicle. Burn it to get where you want!

Thank you for reading.

Love and Peace!