What is your next holiday destination?… take a moment and think of where you’d love to go on holiday next. This is the first step of creation – in mind. You create an image in your mind then you give it life through action. If you want to build a swing for your children, a shed for your tools when you prepare dinner, and wherever else you want to do, you first create the image in your mind, and then you act on it.

It seems straight forward when it comes to simple things, but what is stopping you from creating something bigger? What is stopping you from building a house, a plane, a rocket that will fly to Mars? all those things that popped in your mind right now are nothing but blockers. When the Wright brothers had the idea of building an object heavier than air that would have the capacity to fly, it started as a picture on the screen of their mind. It was first created in the mind. What stopped them from pursuing their idea and give it life? Nothing and nobody! They were 2 simple bicycle mechanics with an idea.

When Thomas Edison decided to create an object that will illuminate in the dark with the help of the electricity, it started as an idea in his mind, it was first created in his mind. What stopped him from giving life to this idea? 9999 attempts didn’t stop him. After how many attempts would you have given up?

Marconi, Bell, Morse, Tesla, Diesel, Otto, etc. are only a few names that crossed my mind right now. All these people had one thing in common with you and me – imagination.

The difference between the people who achieve something, and those who don’t, can be found in one simple mental activity – the choice.

We all have the capacity to create something in our mind, we all do it, we all generate ideas daily, but we choose to find reasons why that idea is not good, we choose to forget about it for various reasons, and we end up in a place where ask ourselves: Why I don’t have what I want? When I was living in a rented house I had an idea of buying my own house, and my excuse was always: “I don’t have the money yet”. After 6 years I still didn’t have the money, but I had a choice to make: wait another 6 years to see if I will have enough money or take action NOW.

I chose to take action, still didn’t have the money, but I had the will. I wanted to see this dream fulfilled, and things started rearranging themselves, or so I thought. The truth is, the options for me to make this dream possible have all this time been in front of me, they were mine to act on, but I didn’t have the eyes to see them. From the moment I decided to pursue my dream until I moved into the house were approx 5 months and within this time I’ve been prompted by all sorts of options and opportunities, some of them I was afraid to act on and that delayed the process, but with every action on inspired thoughts, I was getting closer and closer until one day I was walking through the door of my own home.

What is your dream, your vision? What do you want to do, be, or have? I am sure that an idea just popped on the screen of your mind. Do not disregard it, do not allow it to die. The first step of creation just happened… take action! and if you don’t know what kind of action to take, then simply write it down! Take a pen and paper and write down, stick it somewhere visible, and where you can see it every day, as many times as possible in a day. Write it down on a card – a goal card and keep that card in your pocket or purse and look at it as often as possible throughout the day. The constant reminder of your goal/dream will rewire your brain and make ideas pop in your mind, opportunities will start showing and soon you will have a clear path towards your dream.

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“You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

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Love and Peace!