What do you expect?

When you choose to eat something, do you expect a certain taste?

When you look outside the window and you see it cloudy, do you expect to rain?

If it rains, do you expect you would get wet?

If you go to work, do you expect to get paid?

How about when you’re afraid of something? What is your expectation?

And when you’re happy?…

How often our expectations manifest in our life? Every expectation backed by experience manifests 95% of the time. Every expectation backed by belief manifests every time. If you believe with all your heart that something is going to happen and you expect it, it will happen. If a feeling of fear, doubt, stress, or any other negative feeling accompanies your expectation, that feeling replaces the feeling of belief and your expected results are overtaken by its opposite. If you expect you’ll work for the rest of your life in a job… then that’s what you’re gonna get, and if one day, a thought that your job may be at risk comes to mind, and you’re afraid that you’ll lose your job, you just opened a possibility for it to become reality… and if you dwell on to this thought long enough, your fear will manifest eventually, no doubt about that.

The same thing applies the other way around. If you expect that you will be promoted in your job and you believe this in your heart, that’s what you’re gonna get. In 2016 I was offered a position that paid less than what I was making, but it had the option of promotion so, I accepted the job with the expectation of promotion. 8 months later got my first promotion, another 4 months later, I got another promotion, but then I allowed the circumstances in my life to make me doubt about another promotion and that manifested as well… my thoughts kept me stuck without a promotion for another 2 years.

If you’re a salesperson and you have a certain amount of sales every month than your expectation is already set… every month you expect more or less the same number of sales, but if you change your mindset and aim for a higher amount and you expect to achieve that, then that’s what you’re gonna get. In 2006-2008 I used to work as a car salesman in Romania. The showroom sold 5 cars in 2005 and 6 in 2006. At my interview in August, I negotiated a commission based on volume asking for a higher commission for more than 5 cars in one month and even more for 10 cars in one month. I was determined and expected to achieve these figures, that in my 6th month I’ve done 5 sales. In August 2007 I sold 27 cars… even I was blown away by my achievement.

Expectation is the frequency of manifestation. When you flip the switch, you expect the light to turn on. When you drink water, you expect the thirst to go away. Anything you expect with belief manifests entirely… please bear in mind that what you think and what you feel are 2 different things. You may say “I expect to win the lottery” but only when you KNOW in your heart and expect to be the one and the only lucky winner… you win the lottery. If in your mind you know there are other 5 million people who bought tickets, you KNOW your chances are one in 5 million, therefore your feeling may be of doubt, hope, wish and not belief or expectancy.

Look back to anything you’ve achieved in your life and remember the feeling you had before the event. Did you expect that win?

Look back to any “failure” in your life and remember the feeling you had before the event. Were you afraid? Were you worried? Were you hoping for a good outcome?

Expectation is “knowing” how the circumstance is going to turn up, believing, and having a clear picture of it. Rich and successful people “know” what they are pursuing is achievable. Henry Ford knew his company is a success. Thomas Edison knew there must be a way to light the bulb. The Wright Brothers knew they can make an object heavier than air to fly. All people who achieved success in their life knew and expected the outcome, and if it didn’t come out the first time, they tried again and again because, in their vision, success was achievable; they didn’t know how, but they did know it’s possible.

Make your mind believe it’s possible. Keep telling yourself “It’s possible” until you believe it and you expect to see it in your life, and when you do so Know that it will be manifested. Only when you believe and expect something, you will be able to see it.

Thank you for reading.

Love and Peace!