What is fear? It’s a feeling, an unpleasant emotion caused by the threat of danger, pain or harm. Fear is not real! Fear is the effect of a thought that your body may be in danger of harm. Read that again, please. Fear is The Effect of a Thought, that your body MAY be in danger of harm. It’s not real, it’s in our mind. When your body is harmed you feel pain not fear, so fear is imagined.

Up to a certain level fear is good. It’s good to be afraid to jump off a cliff. It’s good to be afraid to do anything that will harm your body in any way, but fear is only good when it relates to your own actions that affect only your body. It’s no good to be afraid of a wild animal when you see it. Fear doesn’t help when the danger comes from outside your body. Fear stops YOU from acting, creates panic and anxiety, it doesn’t stop the animal.

The biggest problem is that fear is like a disease spreading through all our thoughts, it doesn’t limit to survival but takes control of our actions altogether.

What’s the cause of fear? There are 2 causes for fear: bad experience (own or others’) and lack of knowledge. If you had a bad experience, that is recorded by the mind as something that has to be avoided. If you hear somebody talking of a bad experience that as well may be recorded by the mind (I said “may be” because is directly related to other information your mind stores. For instance, there are people afraid of spiders and they tell me a story when a spider touched their hand and they were very scared. I, for instance, know that with the tip of my finger I can crush it instantly, therefore my mind doesn’t record this as a threatening event.

The second cause of fear is a lack of knowledge. If you don’t have enough information about something, you will be afraid to act towards it. Example: you know your neighborhood very well and not even the darkest night can inspire fear in you, because you know it, you’ve been there for so many times and it feels comfortable, but if you see a shadow that hasn’t been there before, you start feeling the adrenaline rush. If you walk in an unknown neighborhood, you’ll be fully alert and any movement which your mind classes as unusual will trigger the adrenaline kick – the fear.

The thing is, it’s in our mind, it only happens as a result of our imaginative pictures of how a certain instance could affect us but is not real. The biggest downside of fear comes through the law of perpetual transmutation. If we allow fear to control our mind, it will create pictures and those pictures are going to manifest and when they manifest, they give confirmation of the event, and what you were afraid of gets confirmed with experience and locked in your mind.

Did you see what we’ve done here? we’ve discovered how we create bad instances in our life, not by wishing or being a bad person, but by being afraid. Fear is a destroyer, Fear is the cause of anxiety and anxiety is the cause of depression. You go to a doctor and they give you drugs for depression, when simply all you need to do is remove the fear. Your body brakes into pieces because of fear. You see a poorly person, you feel their pain and the fear of being in the same situation actually moves you exactly on that frequency.

We spoke yesterday about the failure. The fear of failure is the one that stops us from trying.

How can we prevent fear?

1. Through knowledge. By studying the one thing that you’re afraid of. Learning about it, dilutes the fear, the same way the water dilutes the wine. We mentioned about your neighborhood – the fact that you know it doesn’t even give you the chance to be afraid, but if you look back and remember the first night in your neighborhood, you’ll remember the adrenaline rush as well.

2. Through faith. Having faith in a good outcome it’s much more powerful than knowledge and much faster. The best way to destroy fear is through Faith in a good outcome. “Miracles” happened because of faith, where there is faith there is no room for fear. Believe that everything is going to be all right and fear will never settle in that mind and no harm will come either.

If you look into the exercises we’re doing daily, you can tell their main aim is to build confidence and faith: meditation, good deeds, repeating our goal, gratitude and affirmations they all aim to build your confidence and faith in a good outcome, not leaving any room to fear.

If there is something you’re afraid of, and couldn’t relate to today’s lesson, please do get in touch. Let me know what is that you’re afraid of and I can give you the right tools to overcome it.

Thank you for reading.

Love and Peace!