We practice gratitude for the things that happen in our daily life by saying thank you and feeling gratitude. We also remember the things that happen in the last 24 hours that we’ve missed, and we feel the gratitude for them through our exercise. This type of gratitude helps us stay on the frequency of receiving more things to be grateful for.

There is a more powerful form of gratitude… for the things we want in our lives and we do this by reading the Gratitude Statement, where we “see” ourselves 3 years from now and we’re grateful for all the things we’ve achieved, which gives life to the pictures in our minds.

There is a third form of gratitude, which is also the most powerful form of gratitude – gratitude for being, for what is, for the present moment. Whatever we perceive as good or bad, showing gratitude for what is, feels like attaching a turbojet engine to our goals.

Being grateful for what is means accepting that the Universe is perfect in its creation and having faith in its power to give us what we want to experience. Whatever happens in our life, good or bad, it happens for a good reason and sometimes steps are required to be able to go higher. If we can’t see the reason, it doesn’t mean it’s not there, but being grateful for the moment is the most powerful form of gratitude.

Being grateful for what is, you’re laying a gratitude frequency which comes back with more reasons to be grateful for. Living in a state of gratitude lightens your life. The energy in you will attract good people and good circumstances for you… even bad people will feel restrained to harm you.

How do we do this? From the beginning… from the moment you wake up. Every morning we are given the chance of a new life. If you imagine your awakening is your birth and you have a new life ahead, be grateful for it. Feel grateful for having a good night sleep and being alive, feel grateful for the bed and the sheets, open your eyes and feel gratitude for your eyesight, if you hear a car or a bird outside your window, feel grateful for your hearing. As you get out of bed feel gratitude for your legs and as you step towards your bathroom feel grateful for every step.

Feel grateful for light as you switch it on, and for the water as you splash it on your face. Feel gratitude for everything you touch and feel. Be aware of every move and feel gratitude for anything that crosses your mind. It may seem unease at first, but if you commit to it from the moment when you wake up until you reach your mediation place, it’s a wonderful start. Doing this every morning will increase your awareness throughout your day and then throughout your life. You’ll find yourself in the middle of something being grateful for things you’ve never thought of and life will lay more reasons for you to be grateful for.

This will become a natural state eventually because 1) it becomes a habit and 2) because the frequency you set yourself on brings you more situations to be grateful for.

Alongside the money giving, your gratitude state will help you create “unexpected” money in your day to day life and you may end up at the end of this program to realize you haven’t achieved only your goal but way much more along the way, and the money for your goal will come through your activity and not from it.

Be good, be grateful, be giving and life will be generous with you.

Thank you for reading.

Love and Peace!