Grief, as you’ve been accustomed to, means an intense sorrow, especially caused by someone’s death. Grief is distress caused by loss, affliction or disappointment. It’s natural to feel grief when you lose somebody or something dear; what is unnatural is not being able to come out of it. Feeling grief for a prolonged period of time doesn’t only keeps you on a low vibration state, but also can lead to illnesses like chronic stress, depression, anger, bitterness, anxiety, loss of appetite and sleep and even physical aches and pains.

You can’t control falling into grief if you are attached to whatever is you lost, but you can control the length of it. I don’t mean to be insensible but feeling grief for loss doesn’t make it come back, it only keeps you down. Understanding the invisible laws makes the transition much smoother.

The Law of relativity helps us understand that the loss that caused grief is only considered a loss in relation to the fact that we had something. In reality, we don’t own anything, we get attached to people, things or pets, and the loss of what we were attached to, feels like an emptiness – that’s grief. We came into this world in a naked body and we leave this world leaving behind everything. We don’t own anything in this world, we borrow it.

Understanding this also means understanding the law of perpetual transmutation. We come into this world so we can live and leave this world – it’s a transition. Everything we think is lost, is actually transforming in something else and if we find the power within to believe it’s for better (even though we can’t see it) by the power of thought and through the law of perpetual transmutation… it will be so.

Let’s not move on before mentioning the law of cause and effect – The Law of Laws! Everything happens for a reason and as a cause of something else. I’ll try and exemplify, but please don’t get attached by my example.

A person that is poorly and in suffering may not want to share this with the dearest ones in the hope that unawareness will spare them from feeling the same way through empathy. The passing away of that person is both an end of suffering for them and the start of grief for the closest ones. We don’t have the capacity to see, foresee and oversee all aspects of an instance, that’s why accepting what it is as it is, comes in very handy. But if we get extended knowledge about the circumstances of the loss, the grief is much lighter.

As mentioned above, we can’t control the loss and the emptiness that fills the hole, but understanding this is the natural cycle, makes it easier to fill in the emptiness with something else and again, without being insensible, we may not want to replace that dear person that left our lives because they meant so much for us, but that’s not going to bring them back. What we can do instead, is filling that hole with something bigger and better in the memory of the loss.

Instances like these created heroes, leaders and powerful people. We’ve heard of laws that were created as a result of a loss to prevent similar loses, cures and vaccines for diseases and so on. Every loss in this world served a better purpose regardless if we can’t see it… one day we will, but until that day, let’s accept everything as it is and make the most of it.

Thank you for reading.

Love and Peace!