Guilt – the fact of having committed a specified or implied offense or crime. We experience guilt when we feel bad about doing something wrong or committed some offense. The difference between guilt and shame is in the way is directed: shame – “I am bad”, guilt – “I did something bad”.

Guilt, as a feeling, is at a very low frequency and can easily move onto shame. Similar to shame, this is an internal feeling that can be controlled. I agree, if you did something bad against another person, the feeling of guilt comes in an instant, but the good part is you wouldn’t feel this way if you wouldn’t be a good person.

A bad person doesn’t feel remorse and guilt, because they live on such a low frequency, this feeling feels “natural”. If you feel guilt and remorse is because your natural frequency is higher which, as mentioned earlier, is a good thing.

The feeling of guilt, if you choose to stay in it, keeps you on a very low frequency, therefore creating further instances to feel the same way, even though you may not necessarily be responsible. I.e. Cascade events – you want to help a fellow friend, but it turns out what you thought would be a good thing works against your friend. Your friend’s reaction creates further damage and you end up feeling guilty for the whole disaster as you were the cause of it.

Everything just is. No matter what you’ve done, the feeling of guilt should not be harboring in your mind. If whatever you’ve done was with a good intention, take a step back and look at the big picture; try to understand why it turned out bad and what can you learn from the given situation for the future. Most of us, we quickly jump to conclusions and assume doing good turns bad and we end up never doing a good, fearful not to turn bad. Truth is, only by doing good, we can create better. Don’t let the outcome of a situation override the intention. If it’s bad it’s only in relation to something or somebody.

If whatever you’ve done was in bad intention, like hurting someone, stealing, cheating, etc, the feeling of guilt seems “legit” and that’s when it’s a good thing. It means you are aware what you’ve done was wrong, and as long as you learn the lesson out of it and promise yourself you won’t do it again, there is no reason for you to keep on feeling guilty. Society goes as far as imposing punishment for acts against its members. Go on and accept the consequences of your action and “pay” the price, but don’t let yourself dragged on a low vibration. What you’ve done was in the past, what you do now will reflect in the future.

We often see criminals coming out of prison and committing the same offenses. They don’t do this because they are bad people, but because they don’t know how to change the frequency they live on. Once they are caught in their offense, they are forced into paying for their sin and stigmatized by society with guilt. When this happens, all that comes into their mind is they are offenders and by thinking this, they create more of it. They are NOT offenders! They WERE offenders which are now paying for their sin.

Don’t let yourself caught in guilt’s claws. Don’t let the actions of your past define the outcome of your future. You have the power to change that. You have the power to choose a different outcome for your life. Guilt is only a signal of your actions and not a state of being. Feel good and change your frequency.

Same advice as yesterday: please do get in touch if you’re having this kind of feelings and I will happily support and help you move on. Confidentiality guaranteed.

Thank you for reading.

Love and Peace!