A habit is a settled or regular practice, or tendency, an usual way of behavior. It is an idea planted in the subconscious mind through repetitive feeding for a period of time, that we act on without giving any thought. Some of our habits have been passed on to us by our parents, tutors, and some we developed ourselves. We all have habits – it’s our minds’ way of putting our life on autopilot. We are aware of some of our habits, but not all. There is no such things as good or bad habits, they’re just habits, however, the outcome of those habits can be classified as good or bad.

Our results in life are a direct reflection of our habits – the time we wake up, the way we dress, what we dress with, what we eat, how we eat, how we work, how we interact with other people, how we interact with our family, etc.

You probably heard very often, if you haven’t used it yourself, the expression: “This is how/who I am”. By saying this, we submit to our habits and we refuse to see that we have the power to change and control the current circumstance… actually, we hit a wall of fear when challenged to do things differently and that is logic: we know the results we’re getting by acting in a certain way and we want to act in that particular way, but the downside is that we keep getting the same results, so if we want to change or improve the results we have to fight our habits and brake through the wall of fear.

Say, for example, you dress in a certain way every day, that’s the habit that you created based on the reactions you’ve received from your peers, and you already know their reactions, they see you in a certain way… you know the results, and you dress one way when you go to work, and you dress a different way when you go out with friends. If you’re struck by the idea to change this habit and dress a different way, your mind will start creating reasons and excuses for you to drop it, like “what are they gonna say?”, “what if they don’t like it?”, etc.

Another example would be that you eat in a certain way, this habit is based on emotional associations, and your body has the shape it has, because of your habit. Now, if you want to change the way you look, you’ll have to go to the core of the problem and change the way you eat: types of foods, hours, quantities… when you’re struck by this idea, your mind will fight back with reasons and excuses: “nobody can guarantee it’ll work”, “but we love the taste of…”, “how about our evenings in front of the tv?”, etc. You may fight your thoughts one time and eat a salad at 5 instead of your regular stake at 8, but that’s not gonna change anything unless you get into the habit of doing this on a regular basis.

When you try something new, you’re feeling a shiver in your body, a tingling sensation, and all your senses increase to high alert. This can be both exciting and exhausting, based on your perception. Either way, if we consciously understand that any new experience is an add on to our growth, we can get into the habit of trying new things all the time, expanding and growing. However, if we allow our minds to take control of the situation, and submit to the fear released by it all the time, we can get into the habit of staying in our comfort zone for a very long time not allowing ourselves to grow.

Bottom line is that there are only 2 habits we must control: the habit of fighting the fear, knowing it’s for our own growth, and the habit of being in control and not be controlled by our mind. How do we do that? the same way we create any habit: through constant repetition. A child will repeat the first steps until they’re mastered, an Olympic will repeat an exercise until is mastered… even the unconscious habits have been created by constant repetition… ask yourself, when was the last time you decided to go to work a different way; when was the last time you decided to change your morning routine?

Try something new! You’ll be surprised to see the results. Get into the habit to do the illogic move and discover the new results, the new possibilities, and potential. You are a fantastic being with unlimited potential. Stop being stuck into the habit of allowing your life to be controlled by your mind and take control of your mind, take control of your habits and Be the master of your own mind… don’t let your mind be the master of you…

Thank you for reading.

Love and Peace!