We all have energy inside of our bodies. This energy takes different forms and shapes based on the frequency of our feelings. Dr. David Hawkins mapped a Chart of Consciousness matching our feelings to frequencies. If you have a look at the chart below, you can observe how we can elevate or lower ourselves through feelings. The numbers aligned to each feeling do not determine the power of the feeling but its frequency level.

Chart of Consciousness – mapped by Dr. David Hawkins

All feelings have the same creative power, but the frequency they are on determines the position between low(heavy) and high(light) or Alpha and Omega. The higher the frequency, the better it feels. Start from the bottom and think of each one of these feelings as if you would live them. You will notice when you think Shame, Grief or Fear you feel heavy, like having a burden that weighs you down.

As you escalate up on the chart and recall moments in your life when you felt Love, Joy, Peace you can feel the lightness of the moment. But, are you happy with just moments? Or you’d like to feel like this on a constant basis? What does it take to be at peace every day?

Extreme low frequencies effectively apply more influence upon the human body than the higher frequencies when applied to an individual, through direct conductive contact and through inaudible sound waves, due to the science of electromagnetic fields crossing and dividing into one another and changing the size and shape of DNA in the bloodstream to match that frequency and carry out duties associated with that size and shape, which is the ultimate cause of the detrimental symptoms of stress.

The chart Dr. Hawkins made, from the low calibration of Shame to the high calibration of Enlightenment, maps conscious energy on a graph from a fearful, suffering and contracted conscious state, all the way to the loving, expanded experience of ultimate consciousness.

In between these two polarized states of consciousness are the many experiences of conscious energy that we experience and that we also put out. Through these energies, we subject ourselves to others and our environment and can choose to harmonize with them. Also, we emit these energies from ourselves, through the aetheric and electromagnetic energy of our human aura; physically cantered on the vibrations put out by the 7 layers of muscles around the heart that apply frequency to our DNA via this electromagnetic charge. Spiritually, the center of this energy is our will, and the aura of the human being reflects this energy via the physical being in this manner.

Through meditation alone, one can willfully raise their calibration, or frequency of conscious energy. Such proofs of this are recognized in the ancient art of kundalini yoga, Dao breathing exercises and endless mystic and religious arts that focus on consciousness being emitted from within. Through this truth, tradition and ritual have been created and followed in our religions and our cults to remember this ancient art. Through the personification of powers and allegorical tales, these truths have been maintained in all the languages of mankind. In all creation myths and all apocalyptic end world myths, the Alpha and Omega states of consciousness are portrayed and referenced for our benefit.

This chart of consciousness is nothing new. It’s just a new age re-imagination and portrayal of the tree of life. It is the tree of life and knowledge. It is reflected in the physical earth and the physical heavens as much as it is referenced allegorically throughout the ages.

Through this new age understanding of old-world teachings, more people are brought to the light of truth.” – extract from Apple of Perception website.

Over the next few days, we’ll talk about how we can prevent living with the heavy feelings and enjoy more of the lighter life.

Thank you for reading.

Love and Peace!