The next step in achieving success is learning how to get in touch and allow the voice of inspired insight or the voice of wisdom to guide your life. This voice is called intuition and it will help you discover the next steps you can take to move you toward your dream. So, in this lesson, you will learn how to use your intuition to get in harmony with the frequency of the life you would love to live and once you do, then the answers you seek will be revealed.

Your intuitive factor is that mental faculty that enables you to tune in to vibration. You probably know it as a voice in your mind, not the voice of your mind but the voice in your mind – it’s the voice of your spirit and its messages come from the Cosmic Consciousness. The volume of this voice is determined by our allowance to listen to it.

This voice is never frantic or judgemental. It’s a voice of guidance and calm, it doesn’t argue, and manifests mostly through signals or hunches. For instance, if you’re lost in your thoughts, the radio runs in the background and suddenly something on radio triggers your attention – that’s a signal. If you’re being asked to do something and feel something inside that ”doesn’t feel right” – that’s a signal. If you’re sat on your couch relaxing and an image of your friend comes to mind – that’s a signal – they may be thinking about you and if you call them, chances for them to say: “I was just thinking of you” are extremely high.

This voice is the voice of your vibration and whenever somebody or something connects to your vibration, it comes to you as a nudge. The more we pay attention to this voice, the more we give it the power to guide us and show us the way we chose to follow.

When you decide on a path or goal, you have no idea how you’re going to do it, this voice (let’s call it the higher self) is the torch that guides you and shows you the path. We’ve let ourselves to be controlled by the logic of our mind and allowed it to reject this inner voice because acknowledgment of the higher self means death to the egoistic mind, and the mind can’t choose its own death, therefore will fight to convince you: “it doesn’t make any sense, don’t believe everything, did you see it? did you hear it? did you touch it or taste it?”. The mind will attempt to make you filter the information through your external senses, but the path you’re choosing doesn’t exist yet so your senses won’t be able to positively confirm the “new” path and this is where the faith comes in… the faith in your higher self.

The mind will try to convince you there is no such thing as a higher self or spirit because the mind has no power over it; the mind only has power over the senses through which it can “justify” its decisions. So when you make the decision to change your life, to change your frequency, your higher self/ intuition will send you signals to match that frequency, but your mind, in its comfort zone, won’t allow you to hear that voice and will ask you to rationalize, and that’s why we always gave up on our dreams and we don’t have yet what we dreamt about, but that’s gonna change now.

The reason for which we achieved what we achieved is that we had a clear mental picture that our mind didn’t question. The reason for which we haven’t achieved the dreams we dreamt about is because we didn’t have a clear mental picture, so for instance if you dream of having a house by the sea, your intuition will send you signals for millions of options of houses by the sea.

The moment you become specific, you personalize your dream house with details: i.e. 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a living room and office, the signals you receive are narrowed down to these specifics. When you start adding a walking wardrobe, a kitchen with an isle painted green, with a view towards the garden, where you can see flowers, a tree, and swing, you create an even more accurate picture and the signals received are more accurate.

The more details you add to your mental picture, the easier it will be for your mind to accept the hunches you receive from your intuition. We have the power to harness this infinite consciousness and bring about in our lives anything we want as long as we describe it in detail.

Decide in your mind in detail what you want and when these hunches come to you, they will have a “logic” for your mind to accept them. Repeat your dream daily until your mind learns it and accepts it as a reality and your intuitive feeling will lay down the path to follow.

Thank you for reading.

Love and Peace!