Joy is the feeling of great pleasure and happiness. Joy is what lifts our spirit into the clouds and fills our bodies with life and fulfillment. Joy is one of the highest frequencies of consciousness, therefore, creating an extraordinary life by multiplication through the law of attraction.

You live in a state of joy when you have everything you need to be happy: a wonderful partner that makes you smile when you see them and makes you feel complete; a home that ticks all the boxes, children that bring you happiness and laughter, friends that you can’t wait to meet, vocation that you love and you’re passionate about, money that can buy anything you want and time to enjoy all these.

We all have these in our lives. We can’t see it, but we do and the more we are grateful for these things we have, the more we’re gonna have. Everything you have in your life is the exact reflexion of your thoughts from the past. You’ve created all the goodness you have in your life. Be grateful for them and they will expand.

Still can’t see the goodness? Do you see more lack than gain in your life? You don’t have the partner you wanted? The home you dream about? The friends and family that make you feel happy? Or the vocation you’re in is not what makes you happy? It’s because you don’t have the eyes to see them. As Albert Einstein said: everything you want already exists. You have to close your eyes and see them with your mind through your spirit. They are here, but only YOU have the power to manifest them in your life. Only YOU can bring them to your physical reality, and by being grateful for their existence in your mind, through the law of attraction you bring them into your reality.

What you see in your life today is what you chose in your past (consciously or not). At the time of your choice, you’ve seen something that motivated you to choose, and if you’re not happy now with that choice, it is either because you changed, or your motivation changed, and the things you see are no longer in alignment (on frequency) with your “new” you.

If your partner doesn’t make you feel happy, it’s not because of something they are not doing, it’s because you can’t see any longer the things that got you in love with them in the first place. You expect something else from them now, you expect them to change and become something else they were not. Learn to love them for their goodness, don’t hate them for their mistakes. We all do mistakes and by accepting each other’s mistakes we show our love for them. Remember, love is not a means of exchange where you give if you receive. Joy is the feeling of giving love unconditionally, abundantly and continuously.

If the home you live in doesn’t have what you want, can also be because you didn’t have the courage to make it the way you want it to be, blaming circumstances and situations that happen around you like: “I don’t have the job, I don’t have the money, etc” but these are in your life because of your other choices: You could be in the job you are because you were afraid to go into the job you dreamt about, and you don’t have the money you want because you’ve accepted to work for the money you receive.

But these are reflections of your choices from the past and they don’t have to stay the same. You don’t have to stay in the job you are, you can create the job you want; you don’t have to settle for the money you earn but keep looking for ways to earn more. If you keep refusing to take responsibility for your life situation, you reject your own creation and by the law of attraction, you will create more similar circumstances.

The moment you accept your life as your own creation and start enjoying all the good things that manifested in your life, your joy for these things will bring about more things for you to be joyful. Look for the good in your partner and start once again loving those characters, you’ll be able to see them with different eyes and by admiring their good you create more good things to see in them, and if they’re not a good match for your frequency, they will be replaced with someone who does and you don’t even have to look into finding a match because the Universe is doing that for you. Your job is to see the good you want for you and feel joyful about it.

Look for the good in your job and start once again appreciate the reasons for which you chose this job in the first place, and the job will change for you. If you chose the job as a compromise and not out of love, hand in your notice straight away and start looking for the job/ vocation that makes you happy. You will never be happy, and you will never experience joy if you’re doing things you can’t love and what’s even worse, by doing things you don’t like you attract more things that you won’t like. Don’t wait for the moment that will change in your job to make you like it… it will never change in your favor and that’s by law – you have to make the change. As long as you hate it, the law of attraction will bring about more hate. Either start looking for things to love or change it for a job you love!

When you start enjoying the moments you spend with your family and friends, and the vocation you’re in, everything else will come into place and by law, you will have more things to be grateful for and more things to make you feel joyful.

Love yourself, love your life, love your family and friends and joy will be the feeling that will inundate your life.

Thank you for reading.

Love and Peace!