Let’s say you want to go on a trip 100 miles away from where you are. You’ve never been there before, you heard people talking about that place, and you want to go there as well to experience it for yourself, but all you know is the address. You don’t know the roads, nor the traffic and you decide to “google it”. You find the place on the map and you ask Google to show you the most efficient way. What’s the first question it will ask you back? Can you please confirm your location?

The two most important things we need to know to get from A to B are defining the 2 points. Today we will look into getting a better understanding of where are we coming from and what we’ve achieved so far, what tools we have, and what we could use on our journey.

Hopefully, you have the notebook and pen ready, if you don’t have it yet, you’ve ordered one online and hasn’t arrived, please write it down on something and make sure you copy it when you get in the possession of it.

Write down a statement of yourself, describing who you are as per the example below. Please use this as guidance only as it has to feel natural to you and write it as if you are about to read it out loud to someone.

My name is… (fill in your name), I am… (state your age) and I live in… (location: neighborhood, city, region, country – whatever you feel like you belong to) with my… (parents, partner, children – all that apply). I was born in… (location) and at the age of… I went to school for the first time, then to secondary… (and add all the education you had – remember this is for you to remind yourself the journey you’ve been on so far). My first job was… (say what was your first job) and then I worked as… (all the jobs and workplaces you had). I now work as a… (say what you’re doing) and I earn… (whatever money you’re earning right now).

 I live in a home… (describe the type, rooms, bathrooms, etc). In the kitchen I have… (all appliances and accessories). I have running water, electricity, gas, central heating, internet (cross what doesn’t apply and add whatever else you have). We have a bin collection every (state the frequency). The nearest shop is (approx. distance) away. I drive/ride… (brand/type of vehicle – if it’s a public transport you may want to say how far away from your home is the nearest stop).

I am in good health as my (enumerate the organs and parts of your body that are strong – we want to highlight what we have rather than what we don’t – so please refrain from thinking of an illness or disability; focus is on what we have, as that’s what we want to improve) are functioning perfectly.

I have a wonderful relationship with… (think of the people you love and make you smile, whose company you enjoy and delights you with their presence). I also have a good relationship with… (other people that play an important role in your life).

I love… (state all your hobbies)

Now, bear in mind that all the things you have in your life, are divided into two categories: received and gained. When you were born into this life, you had nothing other than the most amazing gift, your mind. All the other things have been given to you… they are gifts: clothes, food, shelter, etc. so we owe to be grateful for them, therefore please add to your statement the following: I am truly grateful for all the people, things and services that have been given to me. (Gratitude is an important part of this process, and we will talk about it tomorrow).

In the second category are the things you gained through your own efforts: you wanted something, you made it your goal to get it, you worked towards achieving it and you got it. For these, we owe again to be grateful for our intellectual and physical capacity. Both humans and animals have something in common: they’re made out of flesh and wander the earth. The difference is that: the animals blend into nature where the humans stand out. Thanks to our intellect, we have the capacity to create our own environment: we built clothes, houses, cars, planes, we cook the food and all these have been achieved through goals, even the most simple things: you wanted a particular clothing article, you’ve put your mind to it, created a plan to get it and acted on your plan. You wanted a certain watch, a jewel, a certain pair of shoes or anything else you can think of that you wanted in your life and you now got it, it was obtained through the same process: wished for it, planned to get it and acted on your plan. For all these, we add to our statement the following: I am truly grateful for all the things that I have achieved so far, the ability to achieve them all, and I know that anything I wish into my life I can obtain through the same principle.

Once completed, take a deep breath and read out loud the whole statement. This exercise will help you connect with yourself through the outside world. You must hear yourself through your external ears. If you feel uncomfortable doing so, it means you are uncomfortable with who you are and where you are, but we must define our location so we can start our journey. Your mind may tell you: “just say it to me, my precious, I can hear you just fine” but remember that’s the one you want to change, so say it out loud! If you’re surrounded by people and you feel awkward to do so, go outside or into the bathroom, anywhere you feel ok to do so, as you must say it out loud. The power you feel when you do so is extremely strong and that’s where your life starts changing and improving.

Now, carry on with your day and try to observe all the things and people that “happen” in your daily life.

Thank you for reading.

Love and Peace!