How would your life be when you’d have achieved your dreams and reached your goals? How would you feel when if you’d live your dream?

Take a moment and close your eyes; take a deep breath in hold it for 3 seconds and breathe out; relax your body and picture yourself already living the life you want, enjoying the moments of having achieved your goals – can you feel that joy?

We can divide our minds into two parts: conscious and subconscious. The conscious mind is also known as the thinking mind… creative. The subconscious mind is the executor – whether the conscious mind thinks or creates the subconscious mind executes through the body. The most important ingredient necessary for this process is the feeling. It’s not what we think about or what we wish that manifests into our life, it’s what we feel. Feeling Is The Secret – in his book, Neville Goddard explains the whole process of manifestation.

Without feeling a thought remains a thought, an idea is just an idea and a dream is nothing but a dream. They are still your creations, they exist, but for them to manifest into the physical world… your world, they need a feeling. Some of the most powerful feelings you can attach to a thought are the feelings of love and joy. When you get involved with your thought, with your idea… and you start loving it like it is your baby, that’s when you give it life and you bring it from the imaginative realm to the physical one.

Obviously hate is a feeling as well and it can manifest thoughts as well, anger would do the same and you are well aware the things you manifested when overtaken by these feelings. The difference between the good feelings and the bad feelings attached to a thought is in the result.

What do you want? Are you in love with your dream? Do you think about it all the time? Does it keep you awake at night? Are you excited about it? How do you feel about your dream?

People living in poverty are sad and angry about their reality and they think all the time about it… they hate living in poverty. All these feelings help manifesting their thoughts.

People living in wealth are happy and joyful about their reality and they think all the time about it… they love living in wealth. All these feelings help manifesting their thoughts.

That’s why we have the saying: “Rich get richer and poor get poorer” The things you focus on the most and feel them in your heart are the things that manifest and become your reality. You probably heard about rich people going bankrupt – it’s because they shifted their feeling, or they no longer had feelings for their thoughts… they became numb to their lifestyle. And the moment they woke up bankrupt, they start thinking about the time they were rich, they started remembering those beautiful times when they were able to buy anything and travel anywhere and all that freedom they had and they started getting involved with the idea… they fell in love once again and shortly their fortune not only returned to them but multiplied.

How can one move from poverty to wealth? Simply by falling in love with the idea, but if you are one of those people that disregard this idea before putting into practice because “it’s too good to be true” or “it can’t be that easy”… you will never shift from one plane to another.

Do you want riches? Think of riches, stick pictures around you representing riches, imagine how would you feel to be rich, what would you do as a rich person, how would you act, how would you dress, what would you eat? Inundate your mind and soul with thoughts and good feelings about riches and rich people.

Do you want a partner to love you? Think of love, stick pictures around you representing love, imagine how would you feel to be in love, what would you do as a loved person, how would you act, how would you dress, what would you eat? Inundate your mind and soul with love… love yourself… be love.

People often say: “when I’ll be… I will feel…”, but that’s the wrong formula! The right formula is: “When I will feel … I will become …”

When you will know in your heart and act as if you’ve already achieved your goal and feel as if you have already arrived, the rest of it… just happens… it’s only a matter of time before you will feel it in the physical world… your world. You don’t need to know how will happen; don’t even try to think of how.

Have Faith! Know it is yours! Feel good about it!

Thank you for reading.

Love and Peace!