Yesterday we spoke about the Willingness, and what you’re willing to give in order to receive. We’re going to take a break from the Chart of Consciousness for a couple of days and today, I need you to say this to yourself: “Money wants to be circulated!” and believe it to be true the same way you believe the Sun gives us heat, we need air to breathe, water hydrates the body, money wants to be circulated, grass is green, rain comes from clouds, batteries hold electricity, money wants to be circulated. Repeat this a few times until your mind accepts it as a fact, because it is a fact.

I don’t want to go too deep in explaining all the reasons why money wants to be circulated, all we need to know is that this was the main purpose for which money was created in the first place and it has a mind of its own. Money even has a personality – if you chase them, they run away; if you ignore them they look for attention and if you give them away they come back multiplied.

With this in mind, we must give them away in order to have more of them. Think of a stove, wherever is wood, gas, coal, electric… it will never give heat if you don’t give first its fuel. Your dreams and goals are the heat, money is fuel. If you want heat of abundance you have to “burn” some money. The more you burn, the hotter the abundance gets.

If you think “I don’t have money to give” then that’s exactly the reason you don’t have money. You attract what you feel and if you feel a shortage of money, you attract more shortage. That’s what’s blocking you from having money and the life you want. If you really don’t have any money at all, start wondering the streets, look around and you will find a penny or ask somebody to land you a penny and I’m pretty sure someone will give you one. The little you have it’s something and that’s a starting point and perish the thought: “I need this to buy food” because that will keep you on the “need” frequency and you will attract more need.

The birds don’t need money to buy food and yet they don’t starve. You won’t starve either. There is a power bigger than you that provides you with what you need as long as you align your feelings on the right frequency. Now give some money away because you have plenty! Say it out loud: “I have plenty! I have plenty of money! I have more than enough money! I can afford to give money away!” say it out loud a few times and feel it in your heart.

Find somebody to give money to, and when you give it, do it because you “you have more than enough”. Tell yourself:” I can live without it! Life is abundant and gives me all that I need.” The moment you do this from your heart, you align yourself on a frequency of abundance… you have more than enough, and this frequency comes back to you with the same response: “you have more than enough” and this way money starts rolling towards you. This way you give power to the Universe to give you more money… and this is how you make money effortlessly.

If you chase money, they run away, but if run away from them, they’ll chase you. The moment you start feeling you don’t need the money, they start coming to you. The moment you start giving from your heart, they start coming to you. Detached yourself from money, the need for them, and they will start moving towards you.

If you keep hold of the money, the frequency you put yourself on is: “I need this money” and can you guess what comes back? “I need this money”. I remember when I was a kid my parents used to keep money in the house for “dark days”. Little did they know: that’s what they created. The fact that life got worse, only confirmed their beliefs that they did the “right” thing by stashing money. Shortly after, I remember, we were borrowing money for food.

Percy Ross was a self-made multi-millionaire, who, after becoming millionaire, dedicated the rest of his life to giving away his fortune often through a newspaper column entitled Thanks a Million, where he would grant requests for readers in need. In 17 years, he gave away an estimated $20 to $30 million. The astonishing fact is that the more he gave away, the more his fortune increased. At the time he passed away, his fortune was 10 times larger than when he started to give them out. Money kept coming back multiplied… like a “curse”.

Starting from today, if you want to be “cursed” with money, give away money. Tell your mind that you have plenty and start giving away. I’m not asking you to give away all your savings, I’m asking you to get into the habit of giving from your heart, from your abundance, from your “others need this money more than I do” attitude. If you see a beggar or a homeless, reach into your pockets give them some money. Don’t have any? Go to a cash machine or into a shop, but don’t tell yourself: I’ll give the next one, because this IS “the one” that makes the difference, don’t pass it on, just give and give from your abundance.

There are websites like GoFundMe or JustGiving where you can find people in need. Get into the habit to go on to these websites and look for a cause to give as little as you can… and make yourself a “wealthy person” habit. Think like a wealthy and abundant person and give away to those in need from your heart. Forget about what your account looks like, just give from your heart. Have faith the Universe has your back and you have plenty to give away.

I’ll add this to our daily exercise.

Thank you for reading.

Love and Peace!