In 2001 I had my first major encounter with the phenomenon that “thoughts become things”, but as I didn’t have any knowledge, I dismissed it on the assumption: “it’s just a coincidence”. After a break up with the girlfriend I had at that time, I threw myself in bed and started daydreaming about “my future wife” – how I wanted her to be, and the wonderful relationship we will have together. A few months later I met her, 5 years later I married her, another 14 years later and I still adore her.

In 2006 I had my second major encounter with this phenomenon: “thoughts become things” and again, for the same reason, I assumed it was down to luck. I interviewed to become a car salesman. During negotiations, I said something “impossible” for the ears of my future boss: “How much would I be paid in commission if I sell more than 10 cars in a month?” Considering the year before they only sold 5 cars in total, he offered to double the initial commission if I achieve this unrealistic target. Motivated by the fantastic opportunity, 9 months later I sold 27 cars in one single month.

In 2007 I’ve been introduced for the first time to the movie “The Secret” and started to understand how my life got created, but again, didn’t look too much into, as it only explained how things happened and didn’t think of investigating further how can I make this law of attraction to work in my favor.

In 2014 I stumbled upon the Secret again and gave it more interest this time. I started watching the film on a daily basis for a period of a few months and kind of got the idea of how I can make it work in my favor, so in 2015, with the help of this knowledge, I got myself a brand-new vehicle with personalized plates, and a brand-new home fully furnished. I was excited and thrilled. In 2016 I got myself a job through the same principle, I got promoted twice within the first year by applying what I’ve discovered.

In 2019 I started reading more about the invisible laws of the Universe, I’ve read all the books by Rhonda Byrne then moved on to Napoleon Hill, Wallace D. Wattles, Charles F Haanel, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Jack Canfield, Bob Proctor, Mary Morrissey, Dr. Joe Vitale, etc. and got a much better understanding of the way these invisible laws work.

I quit my job in June to seek a new way of creating wealth, as I was working over 60 hours a week, and in September I’ve decided that by Christmas Day 2019 I would have earned £50,000. I didn’t earn any money until the 3rd of December when things started to change – I received £10 unexpected income. The next day I got a notification of a sale which got me a £5 commission. Two days later I’ve received a letter saying I will be refunded £123.69 and a few days later I’ve received a check for this amount. On the 10th of December, I’ve made an inspired action which made £15,000 land in my account.

On Christmas Day, I checked my accounts for the difference I had planned to earn by this day and didn’t see anything extra. I’ve waited until the next day and checked again, but still nothing… I felt like I’ve done something wrong in the process and started looking back to see what went wrong, then it hit me: “Money is a mean of exchange for the goods we want in our life.” I wanted £50K to be able to afford a particular life standard and part of it was a brand new car. On the 23rd of December, I actually got the confirmation for my brand new car worth £40,500, so in reality, my £50K dream actually manifested in a total of £55,638.69

But money was not the only thing that changed in my life. As part of my commitment to change, I’ve decided to take a 15 min walk every morning (I’m not a runner… actually I’m not an exercise guy at all). As I live in UK, December is the wettest month and every day is raining. But it stops every morning between 6 and 7 when I go out for my walk. Some mornings I woke up because of the loud rain knocking on my window, but by the time I got dressed up for the walk, the rain stopped and didn’t start again until after I was back inside. My wife wanted to buy me a raincoat and I told her “it never rains when I go out, I don’t need one” – my statement became my reality. If we’re to go out, no matter how the weather looks like, the places we go are always dry – no rain.

People are nice anywhere I go, whoever I’m talking to goes above and beyond to make sure I receive the best service, my friends have never been more supportive and my relationship with my wife has never been more amazing.

I can’t believe how easy and simple it was to create the life of my dreams. It was all about changing my paradigm, the way I see things now so, I decided to share this wonderful gift through this program, because every human being deserves a life filled with joy, wealth and prosperity. Anybody can be, do and have the life they want. These are the exact steps I’ve completed that led me to achieve the life I live today.

Now, you too have the key to create yours. If you haven’t achieved your goal by now, there is still time. The Universe always compensates everyone for their work.

Thank you for reading.

Love and Peace!