You probably noticed that every day we get higher and higher on the consciousness ladder. Today we’re talking about pride. A deep pleasure or satisfaction derived from one’s own achievement. To be proud of achievement is actually a fantastic and uplifting feeling. You won a race, you reached a mountain peak, you’ve eaten all your greens… you should be proud of your achievement. Nothing feels better than that feeling of victory.

Same as desire, this feeling can fall into a constant state and the positive satisfaction of achievement can transform into blindness and arrogance: “do you know who I am?” I don’t want to take away your achievement, but don’t let your achievement take you away. You’ve achieved your goal because you’ve worked hard, and you owned the moment…

Highly successful people don’t achieve a goal and then lay back. They think: “what’s next?” The universe is limitless… there is always an extra step and if is not higher is sideways. We work together on this program so you can achieve what we’ve set to achieve. Do you really want to stop here? Before you even achieve your goal, you should think: “what’s next?

You probably are aware of artists who fall in the category of “one-hit wonders”. They achieved a peak and you never hear about them afterward. Do you ever wonder what happened with them? Look them up!

Success is not the goal, it’s the way to the goal. You are successful when you win and win and win. You are successful when you have the map towards any goal and even if you lose everything at some point, you know how to get it back and make it bigger.

Don’t let pride settle in your life, enjoy the moment and start a new journey. Living in pride is assuming you accomplished your final goal in life. It’s like you are ready to die… and you will – not physically but spiritually… little by little.

Do you know why the life expectancy is only 80 years? Because people set goals in life to work until retirement. The law gives them the opportunity to retire at 60-70 and they don’t set up new goals, they plan to enjoy “the rest of their life” in peace and fail to set up new goals. No goals, no reason to strive… just peace and they rest in peace.

I have a goal to live until 150. I expect to live this long, and I am. The idea is to prove it is possible, therefore increasing the life expectancy. Care to join me?

Don’t let pride be the end of you. Don’t let pride kill you. Enjoy the moment and move on!

Thank you for reading.

Love and Peace!