/prə(ʊ)ˌkrastɪˈneɪʃ(ə)n/ – the action of delaying or postponing something.

This is the definition you find in the dictionary, but what the dictionary doesn’t say: “procrastination is the biggest enemy of success!”, “Procrastination is the antidote for success” as Napoleon Hill said. Procrastination is the only reason we do not have yet what we dream about. Procrastination is the power that fights back to keep you in your comfort zone.

You may say “what’s wrong with my comfort zone?”

Your comfort zone is the bubble you live in, where you only have the things you’ve achieved so far. If you want more, you must come out of your comfort zone, you must feel the thrill. When you go on a journey to someplace you never been before, you get “nervous”. This nervousness is the feeling you get when you step out of your comfort zone. The second time you go there… it’s gone. The thrill is gone. You’re not nervous anymore. You’ve been there before, you’ve achieved that… it’s your comfort zone now, you’ve expanded your bubble.

If you really really want all the things you wish for in your life, you MUST get out of your comfort zone. You must commit to a journey and follow it through, you must defeat procrastination. You are a fantastic being and you have fantastic powers. You are the Creator of your own life and the Hero of your own story. Stop looking for reasons why it won’t work. Start saying: “What if it will work? What if I can have all the things I want in life?”

Stop looking for reasons to leave it for tomorrow. Start doing it now! Find a way to do it now, look for reasons to do it now, this moment is important, this moment is the present we live in, later it may not exist. Stop delaying your right to be happy, healthy, and successful. Take control of your life and step out of your comfort zone. Feel the thrill of living now! Feel your power of doing what you want to do. Have the courage to defeat procrastination!

You may find it hard to do new things and it is because of your paradigm – the multitude of habits that control your life and your results, but if you keep going and keep believing that your life can be amazing if you change the little things, they’ll become your second nature, they’ll feel natural… your fantastic life will fill naturally. When I look back, I can’t believe how simple it was to change and how hard it seemed at first.

Don’t delay, don’t second guess, don’t allow your fears to stop you from growing and becoming a better version of yourself. Set yourself free from your routine and break the cycle of monotony and comfort. Every moment you spend procrastinating is a wasted moment, a lost moment that will never come back. Think of it this way: every minute is worth $1, every hour is worth $60, every day is worth $1440… how much costs your procrastination? Every time you have something to do and you think of leaving it for tomorrow, think of it as if you’ll lose $1440 – are you willing to waste this money? are you willing to waste your life?

Your paradigm, your routine only got you this far in life, but to get you to the point where your comfort zone means you have anything you want and having more it’s simply another step, you must change, you must fight procrastination and you must do it now. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain. Don’t push away the chance to change your life today. Don’t procrastinate – It’s your life!

Dare to try! Dare to do something different! Dare to be different!

Live the moment! Live today! Live now! Be grateful for what you have, share the love with the people around you, have faith in your goals and your life will change forever.

Thank you for reading.

Love and Peace!