Progress is the process of gradually improving or getting nearer to achieving or completing something. You should have seen some progress by now already, if not, don’t worry yet, stick to the program, keep believing and expect it to happen before the end of the 66th day.

Don’t leave any room for stress, worry or fear. Once you’ve completed this program and realized there is no exterior factor that can influence your achievements, you’ll want to keep progressing to a higher and higher goal. I suggest you continue with the exercises and adapt it the best way it suits you; you can also go back and read all the information again and again – it’s yours for life. Read other authors suggested in the Resource Store as this is going to be continuously updated.

The thing is, if you’re not progressive, you’re not successful. Earl Nightingale said: “Progress isn’t going ahead then leveling out, and then going back, then going ahead. Progress is continually moving in an upward direction. You’re successful if you know where you are, and you know where you’re going.”

Progress is an absolutely essential quality in our life. We want to be progressive individuals, so as we go through the day, think: am I moving in the right direction? Turn progress into a habit and make it an idea in your subconscious mind so you’ll act on it without thinking.

Progressing can be done as easy and simple as reading a new chapter from a new book every day; helping a close friend or anyone else with a task they have, guiding or pointing them towards a way to achieve success for themselves. Progress is simply the action of growing – yourself or those around you – for the benefit of all humanity.

When you invest in yourself, you grow and have more to give; when you help others, you invest in their life and continuous investment means continuous return. This way you’ll have continuous satisfaction for the life you live; you’ll be motivated to wake up every morning, to go through your days, weeks, months, years. You’ll feel fulfilled and with a purpose and, who knows, maybe when we reach 150, we can go together and celebrate.

Life is an amazing and unique gift. Let’s celebrate, live and enjoy every single day of it. We won’t have another chance to live it again, so let’s make the most of it. Work as if you were to live another 100 years and live as if today is your last day on earth. Progress is work and work gives us purpose.

Be bold, be brave, be happy, wake up to a new goal and your life will be filled with excitement and achievements. Your progress is world’s progress. Every little helps. Make a difference in this world and you will live forever in its memory.

Thank you for reading.

Love and Peace!