Do you know what’s a reaction? Of course, you do. It’s a responsive action to a situation or event. It’s when you let yourself controlled by a situation. If your answer was different, I suggest you read that again.

If you’re driving and someone cuts you off, your instinct is probably to push the horn and let that one knows how stupid they are – that’s a reaction. If this does not look like your reaction, then congratulations! you are on the right track. When somebody insults you and you say something back or even worse, you punch them – that’s again a reaction. You may say what’s wrong with that?

Like any other action you’re doing repeatedly, this as well can become a habit and most of the results of this habit do not turn out in your favor. You wouldn’t dare allow your inners self to manifest in front of somebody you consider superior to you, like your parents or your boss, because you know there can be consequences.

Remember the Law of Cause and Effect? A habit like this, eventually, will break loose in front of those who do matter as well, because it becomes natural. You probably had some words in your vocabulary, when you were younger, which you’d only use with your friends, but never in front of your parents. And you also remember, that one day, you just spit it out in front of your parents and didn’t even realize it until after you said it. That’s the habit and it can get you in trouble.

I’m no Capitan America to warn you of your language, but keep in mind, that’s part of your attitude, and your attitude determines who you are, regardless the other driver didn’t hear you or doesn’t care about it, you should care about it because it’s your attitude and is you who wants to be a successful person living an amazing life.

The answer is in response. Responding to a situation is consciously being aware of the moment, pausing for a moment, holding yourself from reacting, and asking yourself the question: “How can I respond to this so I can benefit from it?” and as we gave already 2 examples let’s see what a good answer could be.

You’re driving and minding your own business, another driver cuts you off… you pause, hold the reaction and ask the question: “how can I respond to this so I can benefit from it?” Most probably, by the time you find the answer that driver is gone, and you don’t need to answer it which is way better than reacting.

What did you gain out of it? First of all, you didn’t lower your vibration to anger and frustration, therefore preventing future similar events. Secondly, you learn to take control of your action, rather than leaving your mind to control it; and finally, you don’t let a destructive habit to harbor in your subconscious mind.

Second example: someone insults you. You pause, hold back the reaction and ask the question: “how can I respond to this so I can benefit from it?” if you’re asking why they said what they said, you may find answers you don’t want to hear, but the point is: you’re no detective. You are a successful person who can control your life and the fact they insulted you only proves how low their frequency is, and you are going in the opposite direction, you are going high.

Nobody can make you feel bad unless you allow it. Nobody can tell you what you are, because nobody knows you better than you. People are judging and criticizing their limited understanding. You’re not doing the things you’re doing to please other people, you’re doing it for yourself and your beliefs.

Steve Jobs said: “if you want to make people happy, sell ice cream” and even so you may find people criticizing the fact you’re not selling lactose-free ice cream.

Don’t stress over what they say or do. Let them be whatever they want to be, and know you have the power over your own future. Respond, don’t react.

Thank you for reading.

Love and Peace!