Reason is the power of the mind to think and understand. It’s the method of thinking in an organized and clear way to achieve knowledge and understanding. Please be aware that we are not talking about reason in the sense of justification for and action or event. Knowledge does not refer only to what you’ve been taught in school. Knowledge is understanding.

The state of reason (the frequency) is governed by the ability to achieve knowledge and understanding by connecting with the Cosmic Consciousness. Psychiatrist Richard Maurice Bucke, in his book “A Study in the Evolution of the Human Mind” in 1901, defined the cosmic consciousness as a higher form of consciousness than that possessed by the ordinary man.

Albert Einstein said that everything that we can imagine already exists in the cosmic consciousness, so all things that we see today have been “discovered” not invented. The point is they exist in the form of an idea and we receive it by connecting our mind (voluntarily or not) to the cosmic consciousness and manifest it into the physical world.

Did you ever had a thought or an idea that didn’t exist in your reality and later on you’ve heard about its existence? For instance, when I was just a little kid in the 1980s, I was observing the wired phone and the radio, and my mind thought of a wireless phone that would work on the same principle as the radio. I wasn’t very smart in school, I didn’t know much about how things work but I had this idea. Later I heard on the radio about the first mobile phone.

The point I want to make is, we all have access to this cosmic consciousness through our minds, but only some choose to use it. For instance, all those that call themselves “inventors” will admit that their ideas came to them in certain moments of their life. The difference between them and the rest of the people is that they actually acted on their thought. They took action in giving life to the thought they received.

Napoleon Hill, in his book “Think and Grow Rich” talks about an “inventor” paid by the hour to come up with business ideas. This person would lock himself into a “quiet” room with a pen and paper and through meditation, he was able to connect to the universal mind and ideas would start flooding him. When this happened, he would take the pen and start writing. One time he wrote for 3 hours continuously because of the flood of knowledge coming into his mind.

But you don’t have to lock yourself in any room because you are connected through your spirit anyway. All you have to do is pay attention to “hunches” and ideas that come to you. We tend to rationalize everything and disconsider the hunches because they have no logic to be explained by our limited mind. By doing that we brake the “connection” between spirit and cosmic consciousness and allow the mind to take control of our judgment.

Meditation is the one practice that cultivates the living in the now through spirit, therefore restoring the connection and giving us the ability to “see” the potential existing in the world and our unlimited potential and capability. Keep on practicing meditation and you’ll find yourself aware of the present and the hunches triggered by images you encounter in your day to day life.

You are a fantastic being with unlimited potential and all you need is here for you; all you have to do is accept what it is, connect to what is and understand that we all are one, we all are connected, there is no competition and no lack, when you give you receive and when you love you are loved.

Thank you for reading.

Love and Peace!