Shame is an unpleasant self- conscious emotion, typically associated with a negative evaluation of the self, withdrawal motivation, and feelings of distress, exposure, mistrust, powerless, and worthless.

The experience of shame is extremely uncomfortable. It has the potential to change the way we see ourselves and may lead to long-lasting social difficulties. It can lead to feelings of depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem. Involves negative feelings about oneself, and although a person can be shamed by peers, it can also be experienced secretly within oneself.

People experiencing shame are struck by the overwhelming belief that they are bad as a result of their actions or feelings leading to changes in behavior like addiction, anger and going as far as self-harm and suicide.

You can understand why it has such a low vibration in Dr. D. Hawkins’ Chart of Consciousness. The feeling of shame comes from the inability or “weakness” of meeting certain social conditions. When one wants to fit in a certain group/ family, can feel ashamed, or be shamed by its peers if that one broke or didn’t meet one or more unwritten rules of that group/ family, and is held responsible for damaging the image of the group/ family.

Unfortunately, these groups/ families do not care about their individuals but their “image”. The group can enforce a series of rules like social activities, dress codes or ranking among its members. The leaders decide the fate of the group disregarding the needs of the individuals going as far as sacrificing some of its members to enforce the rules through fear. These groups can be anything from “traditional” families, religious gatherings to “social” countries that are ruled by beliefs like dictatorship or communism.

You probably heard about the 40 million people sacrificed in the First World War and over 70 million in the Second World War for the better life of their peers and descendants. But why should anyone be sacrificed at all? We are no animals! We are people, creators, and judges of our own lives. We have equal rights to live on this earth and no right over our peers’ lives, but our own.

Your actions are your own and if you can live with your actions and learn from them, you shouldn’t allow shame to harbor in your mind. You don’t have to prove yourself to others. You don’t have to fight others’ battles.

If you find yourself in a state of shame, regardless of the reason, most probably you won’t have the courage to share it with other people, so please use the positive affirmations to lift your vibration. Don’t let shame drag you in a negative vortex. You are worth it! You are powerful! You are strong and you can go past anything. And if you feel like talking to somebody, please, please, please do let me know. You have my email and phone number on every email you receive daily, and I promise I will help you to go past it. The answers don’t always come from inside and talking to somebody can be relieving. I also promise full confidentiality.

Fighting shame is an internal battle. No matter what other people are saying, you can choose to let their words and actions to affect your state of being. Shaming others is the most disgraceful weapon someone can use against their peers. It shows a lack of respect and is a direct attack on someone’s life (physical or spiritual).

If you ever used shame against others, I kindly recommend going to those people and apologize. Let them know they didn’t do anything wrong and they found you in a place of weakness. Accept them for what they are – whether they are a sibling, a child or a member of your community. Admit to your mistake (that you used your influence to interfere with their chosen life) – you will save their life.

Don’t break their dreams to protect yourself from suffering!

Your conscious will be clear, your spirit will be lighter and theirs’ as well. Be a better person and your life will be better! Again, if you need help with this task, please do get in touch. Help and confidentiality are guaranteed.

Thank you for reading.

Love and Peace!