Antoine Lavoisier said: “Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed

Nothing is lost” – think about it! Whatever you think you lost is actually misplaced or unseen (to your eyes or to your mind). When you say: I’ve lost my keys, you actually misplaced them; they’re not lost because if you keep looking for them eventually you’ll find them. “I’ve lost a dear friend” – again they are not lost, they are unseen to us.

Nothing is created” – everything is an energy that already exists in different states of vibration. “Everything is transformed” – if you think about it you’ll agree. A human being starts as a cell that multiplies itself and transforms in what we later call a fetus, which then transforms into a little human and into a grown-up human, and even after it’s time has passed goes through a transformational process and becomes one with the nature that surrounds us. A tree starts as a seed which through years of transformation becomes a source of wood for furniture, paper, etc – it’s transformed!

Now, if we mix the two information received, we can conclude that we are one with nature, the things that surround us and the people we interact with. We are one large mass of energy manifested in different shapes and forms. We are One! So, next time when you feel like hearting somebody, remember this! Remember that we are one and anything we do to others we do on to us. When we hate people, we hate ourselves and when we love people we love ourselves; when we hate ourselves, we hate everybody and when we love ourselves we love everybody.

We’ve established the ground rule of being, and we agree that everything is transformed, and whenever we think that something or somebody is lost or gone, remember that they are transformed and anything around you could be that someone or something, and we can direct our love for what was lost towards anything else because anything and anyone can be that what you love.

Question: Can you ever have something for nothing? with this information, it’s obvious there is no such thing as something for nothing. But, you may ask, what about the difference between the reach and the poor? What about them? if you think that’s unfair, it means you lack richness, it means you envy the rich, it means you lack love.

There is one form of currency that is above all the other currencies, it’s called value, and guess what? we all hold value within ourselves. Your value, your ability to do something, can be exchanged for any currency anywhere in the world. Anywhere you go, you can get anything you want when you give your value. So the difference between the rich and the poor is not in the amount of money they have in their account but in the amount of value they give. And you may think: “that doesn’t make any sense! I work way much harder than my neighbor but I still struggle to pay my bills and he’s driving all the time fancy cars.

Do you know why gold is more valued than ore? because ore can be found anywhere. Two people in the same job can have different levels of earning and that’s due to 2 reasons: the amount of value they put in their job or their ability to negotiate their value. We often go to an interview for a job and the interviewer says: I can only give you £30.000/ year. you now have a choice to make: accept what is given to you or go out there and find something else that will pay more for your value, but do not blame your employer for paying you only £30K – you agreed to that the moment you accepted the job.

Money is a promise. It is an agreed-upon medium of exchange for your service. This medium of exchange started probably as a nugget of gold, and because you would have had a lot of gold to carry around, it evolved into a slip of paper that reads a promise of value. You provide a service for which you receive a promissory note, that you can use to pay for another service at a later time. You go to a job and give your time and expertise in exchange for a bunch of notes which promise to pay for services you will want in the future.

So, what we really want, when we think of riches, is to give something of value that other people will benefit from and promise to pay with their work for the services we will choose in our future. When you buy a product, you give your promise note that you will offer your services/product to somebody, who promises to provide their services/ products… as you can see it goes in a circle. We are all connected and dependant on each other in a way or another.

Bottom line is, if you want to get something, firstly you have to give something. We all hold value in ourselves, but we let others (i.e. the employer) decide our value. You have the power to decide your own value as long as you decide what you want to offer in exchange for the value you’re asking. Some choose to work overtime, some choose to start a side business, some choose to invent a service/ product that doesn’t exist and the fact that it doesn’t exist it give it’s inventor/creator the power to set up the monetary value. Some people choose to do nothing and they have nothing.

Do you want more money? Start right now to give more value anywhere you go. At your job start giving more and give with love, help an old person cross the street or help them with their shopping or whatever it is they need help with and do it with love. Give with love from your heart! That’s where your value is and when you give to these people you give yourself because, let’s not forget, we are one.

If you want to dive deeper into this subject, I recommend two amazing books: The Science of Getting Rich and Think and Grow Rich.

Thank you for reading

Love and Peace!