“There is a season to sow and there is a season to reap, but you don’t do both in the same season.” – John Kanary

We all know how farming works: the farmer goes into the field in the sowing season and plants the seeds, he awaits the reaping season and then goes back and reaps the crop. It doesn’t matter what kind of seed they plant, when they go back they will reap what they have sown.

Imagine the world you live in as being your garden and your thoughts, your actions, are the seeds that you plant in this garden. The earth doesn’t care what sort of seeds you plant, because wherever you plant the earth is going to grow for you. When you do a good deed to somebody, that’s a seed that you plant. When you have a good thought about something or somebody, that’s another seed. When you do wrong by somebody, either by mistake or intentional, that is still a seed and when you have negative thoughts about people and circumstances… those are seeds as well.

Look around you! Look in your garden! What do you see? Those circumstances, people, situations are full-grown plants resulted from the seeds you’ve dropped in your garden in your past – you may not have planted them intentionally, but they’re still your seeds and this is still your garden. Accept it as it is because it’s yours. Stop blaming your neighbor for the plants in your garden. Stop blaming the earth for the plants in your garden. And stop beating yourself up for how your garden looks like – learn from it. If you weren’t aware of the process, there is nothing you could have done, but you do now, and you know how the process works now, so start planting good seeds. Start planting good deeds and good thoughts and when you do that, know that your garden is going to look amazing soon.

Yes, you’ll have the odd weed here and there, but by carefully accepting it and removing it from your garden, your life, it will disappear altogether. What is it that you want to grow in your garden? Start sowing now! find those special seeds that make people smile and fill your garden with them. Think of all the amazing thoughts that you want to grow in your garden and spread those seeds right away. Know that, by law, they will grow in beautiful plants and as long as you understand that everything you find in the field in the reaping season was your doing, you will enjoy with a full heart!

Going back to John Kanary’s quote: “There is a season to sow and there is a season to reap, but you don’t do both in the same season” you can imagine how this relates to your day to day life: you go to work and at the end of the month, you get paid. You offer a service and then you get paid, you KNOW you will get paid. Whatever is your dream or vision, have faith that once planted in your garden it will start growing… make sure you water it daily, care for it and KNOW it will start growing, know that you will have what you’ve planted.

Be patient and have faith that the season to reap will come and understand that you can’t sow and reap in the same season. Understand that your thoughts and dreams need time, love, and care to grow, and know that when the right time comes, you will reap your abundance and you will enjoy your harvest. Keep planting good seeds and have faith that your garden will do the rest… relax and be joyful in your awaiting.

Thank you for reading.

Love and peace!