We spoke at the beginning of the program about the invisible laws that govern the world. These laws exist and yet they’re not taught in school. They exist and still ignored by a large mass of people. They probably have different names or different definitions, but what is common is that we all experience their effects in our day to day life. You won’t be able to accept or understand these laws in your life if you can’t accept the fact there is an invisible world and I’m not talking about the “afterlife” but the spiritual or energetic life.

We listen to the radio, watch TV, talk on the phone… all wireless – you can’t see it. We feel the love and the fear, but you can’t touch them. You have hunches and flashbacks but don’t know where they’re coming from. It happened to you at least once to think of a person and then get a phone call or a letter from them. I don’t even know you that well and I know you’ve lived all these things. How? It happens to everybody. People don’t talk about them because they don’t understand them and can’t explain them, but that doesn’t mean they should be ignored.

First things first. You are not flesh and bones! you are not a body! You are a spiritual being/ energy living in a body. Consider your body the vehicle you use to travel through this world. It may sound sci-fi but that’s what this is. To make it clearer, you are not even your mind. Your mind is a product of your brain. When you think you’re talking to yourself, you’re talking to your mind. If sometimes, you hear voices in your head, that’s your mind; you’re not crazy… everybody has that. So, YOU live in a body that has its own mind. Is it clear?

Let me make an analogy to be sure we are on the same page. Imagine a modern plane with “autopilot”. The autopilot is programmed to follow a well-defined set of instructions so the plane can fly on its own. The pilot decides the destination, puts this into the autopilot and the plane “flies on its own”. If a gap of air or a strong wind moves the plane off its course, the autopilot corrects it and brings it back on track. You are the pilot, your body is the plane and your mind is the autopilot. If I made it worse, please do email me and we can discuss this in-depth. The point I want to make is that our minds are programs created through our experiences.

Now, that we made clear that we are not our body and we are not our mind either, let’s talk about the laws that govern us, the spirit/energy, rather than the laws that govern the body and mind. For instance, gravitation is a law that governs the body… the mass. Logic is a law that governs the mind but none of these governs the spirit/ energy.

These are natural laws and are so precise that they keep the whole Universe in harmony. There are 9 (known to me) laws and after I’m going to enumerate them, we will talk in detail about each one of them over the next days:

  1. The Law of Vibration
  2. The Law of Attraction
  3. The Law of Relativity
  4. The Law of Perpetual Transmutation
  5. The Law of Rhythm
  6. The Law of Polarity
  7. The Law of Gender
  8. The Law of Cause and Effect aka the Law of Laws
  9. The Law of Compensation

They all work in harmony with each other and they don’t exclude each other. When one applies, all apply. Once you start to understand them you can apply them for your own benefit and create your life rather than leaving it to “chance” or to the paradigm in your mind, your autopilot.

Voltaire said: “We invented the words luck, miracle, and chance.  We invented all these words to express the known effects of unknown causes.  Every effect does have a cause and of course, every cause has to have an effect.” Once we understand these laws, we’ll understand also the fact there is no such thing as luck, lack, chance, fate, miracle, etc. and everything happens for a reason.

Thank you for reading.

Love and Peace!