Have you seen the film The Secret? If not, I strongly recommend it!
It is a documentary movie where a lot of speakers around the world are talking about the law of attraction, the way it works, and how you can make it work in your favor.

In short, The Law of Attraction states that “like attracts like” or how Jack Canfield likes to put it: “you will attract into your life–whether wanted or unwanted–whatever you give your energy, focus, and attention to. The law of attraction states that the universe responds to whatever you are offering — by giving you more of whatever you are vibrating.”

The Law of Attractions is actually a secondary law and is a bridge between the physical world and the spiritual or energetic world – the world that you can see with your mind. The frequency you’re aligned on your physical world manifests on a “like” frequency on your spiritual world and vice-versa.

If you are broke, your feelings will manifest through stress, fear, frustration. The frequency of these feelings matches the physical reality and by law, you will attract circumstances in your life to match your feelings, your frequency. You observe the situations, express the same feelings, and manifest the same reality. It goes in a circle unless you change something in either world. I heard people saying: “Yeah, but I didn’t attract that accident! – it’s not like I wanted to be involved in an accident”. However, this is not about specifics, we’re not talking about particular actions; The feelings of stress, frustration, fear, sadness, or whatever negative feelings may have been, attracted the circumstances like the accident to create similar feelings. So, it’s not about the accident, it’s about the feelings associated with that particular accident.

If you are rich, you see the richness, you feel richness you attract richness, you align yourself on the rich frequency. If you are happy, you feel happy and attract circumstances in your life to create more happy feelings. The more you manage to stay on the good side of the feelings the more circumstances you will attract to enjoy more good feelings, and when those good feelings manifest attract by default more circumstances to match the good feelings and they start rolling by default. The one thing you should be aware of is that this law, like all the others, is impersonal. The law doesn’t distinguish between good or bad… it’s just a frequency on which it attracts like circumstances to match the frequency.

So, if you’re on a good vibration you attract good things into your life, which creates more good circumstances – all good here. But, if we’re on a bad frequency rollover, how do we change this? How do we move from the bad vibe to the good one? The answer is: by changing what you give energy to. If you’re involved in a bad situation, acknowledge to yourself the fact that this is the result of your past feelings and that you attracted this into your life. Once you acknowledge and accept that, you will find the power to move on, you will find the power to look at that situation and ask yourself: “How do I change this in my favor?” and start looking for good things coming out of that situation, shift your focus from what you see to what you want to see in the future.

Most of the people will say it is impossible to see good things in a bad situation. The truth is they’re right because they don’t hold themselves responsible nor accountable for that instance. They think that the situation happened to them – “that idiot driver is at fault for not looking where is going”. Funny thing is the two people involved in that accident were attracted to each other through their vibration, and both had to experience the accident to manifest more circumstances that got them in that situation in the first place.

If you find yourself in a bad situation, know that you attracted it into your life, accept it (no matter how hard it may seem) and move on. Do not dwell on the feelings of regret, frustration, hate, anger, jealousy, shame, etc. Move on, and as you move on and relax look back at it from a distance, and say: “This happened for a good reason!” It doesn’t matter whether you can see that reason or not, just focus on the fact it happened for a good reason… focus on the good, be happy that “it was only that” and then and there you’ve shifted your feelings.

You now created a good feeling, which starts working right away to attract more good circumstances for you to enjoy more good feelings. And this is how you shift from what you don’t want to what you want.

Most of the things we have done in our past were unconsciously and we attracted the life we live unconsciously. Take control of your feelings. Consciously look for things to make you feel good and the best way to do this is to be grateful for the good that is happening in your life. Joe Vitale, one of the speakers featured in The Secret, said that he was at one point homeless and had nothing to be grateful, but he found a pen, looked at it and started being grateful for that pen, then started being grateful for what he could do with that pen, like writing a book, and then started being grateful for the book (even though he was still homeless and didn’t write that book) and then started being grateful for the life he was living as a result of having that successful book published. Today he has published over 70 books and most of them are best sellers. He shifted his thoughts from being homeless to wealth and his feelings along with them. He created the life he wanted in his mind and by default attracted it into the physical world.

Start daydreaming, start visualising the life you want to live and focus on what you want in your life, not on what it is. If you focus on what it is you attract more of what it is. Focus on what you want and you will attract that what you want, feel good about it.

And whenever you feel bad, remember: like attracts like!

Thank you for reading.

Love and Peace!