“The Law of forgiveness states that we must learn to accept our own mistakes and letting go of it completely. We’ve got to realise that even if we did something wrong or someone had done something bad to us, we can’t always hold to it.” – Bob Proctor

Forgiving someone else does not mean accepting their actions or diminishing your power. In fact, forgiveness empowers you, and liberates you, forgiveness has nothing whatsoever to do with the person you are forgiving; it is a self-transformation in which you release yourself from the illusion that you are a different entity and your rights have been violated. Why? Because ultimately you are forgiving yourself: you are the other. On a spiritual level, we are all one. The people we interact with are part of our own created world; they’re not there by mistake, we’ve attracted them into our life to show us our inner self. Forgive them and you forgive yourself. Forgive yourself and you forgive everybody in your life.

The act of forgiveness releases suppressed emotions such as guilt and anger, that actually create toxins in your physical body; these toxins block the neural and energetic pathways so the body cannot heal itself, and forgiving can literally heal you, because all disease is suppressed energy that gets built up and stored in the body. Scientists, physicians, and psychologists who have researched the relationship between stress and illness have concluded that the ability or the inability to forgive, affects the outcome of a serious illness. People who have a forgiving nature increase their chances of recovery.

Forgiveness is a spiritual act. It makes no sense to the reasoning mind, because the reasoning mind is incapable of forgiveness. A genuine act of forgiveness takes place in the inner self, where your disappointed, hurt, abused, or angry ego confronts your soul/ spirit. The ego wants to hold someone else responsible for why certain events in your life turned out as they did, or for why you were hurt or treated unfairly. Our mind’s ego always wants justice to serve us and not the “others”, which, of course, means it always wants to be right. Forgiveness is your capacity to get over whatever situation you’ve experienced, despite the righteousness of your ego.

Understanding the essence of forgiveness is one of the most deeply, healing, and liberating gifts you can give to yourself. Forgiveness is also a way of clearing unconscious programming, enabling us to be at peace.

The Law of Forgiveness is the law which frees you from the law of cause and effect and is the most powerful act needed to shift your energy. When you forgive, you free yourself from self-limiting concepts, you release tension, and you feel love and peace.

By invoking the Law of Forgiveness in your life, you are owning your spiritual power and removing blockages to love, abundance and healing.  Forgiveness starts a domino effect of the highest vibrations to come to you and through you.

Joe Vitale talks in one of his books about a hawaiian practice called “Ho’oponopono” that has the power of healing both you and those that surround you as being part of your world. This practice consists of repeating 4 simple lines that will change your life: “I’m sorry; Please forgive me; Thank you; I love you”

I am sorry” (taking full responsibility for calling this situation to self, and the role that “I” played in it)
Please forgive me” (“I” have been totally unaware of the programming within me that has manifested this person, or this thing “I” am upset about, these feelings, this situation…into my life)
Thank you” (for this gift of awareness, and for this co-creation of healing and growth)
I love you’ (“I” recognize and embrace you)

Think of a person that “you think” they wronged you, and while holding their image in your mind say “I’m sorry… Please forgive me… Thank you… I love you”. If it feels wrong and none of these phrases resonate in that moment, it’s because the ego in your mind cannot accept it, but you are not your mind, you are bigger than your mind, you are the Master of your mind… you control and order your mind, so go ahead and say it again, and again, and again, and again until your ego gives up, the tension eases and sets you free. The feeling that flows through your body once you’ve forgiven that person is the feeling of peace, relax… freedom!

Thank you for forgiving

Love and Peace!