“Every thought has a frequency. The less you resist on something the less it will exist. By devoting less attention toward fighting the unwanted thoughts and conditions, you will find that the problems that you face become less and less pervasive. In pursuing success, you’ll encounter resistance along the way. By not focusing on the resistance, you’ll eventually achieve the success that you want.” – Bob Proctor. The Law of Non-Resistance states that what you resist shall persist. Life manifests through us and resisting to anything that happens in our life means holding on to that.

Imagine that you find an old unused tap. You are thirsty, you open the tap, and water starts flowing through with rust. All you see is a dirty rusty water and you are thirsty; what do you do? You let it flow or you stop it? The water is pure and by applying the Law of Non-Resistance in this instance means you allow the water to flow and clean the tap… Sometimes we open taps in our life, of which we know nothing about, and all we see in the beginning is a rusty, dirty water. Let it flow… allow it to clean. Holding back from things in life because it’s not what we expected at first sight, is like closing the tap and holding back the water. Just bare with it for a bit longer and you’ll be able to kill your thirst shortly.

You are the life… the water, and the tap is your body. Life flows through your body. Your body is the manifestation of your feelings… the world around you is the manifestation of your feelings. When you see something in your life that you don’t like, know that it is coming out of you, know that is a manifestation of your feelings and even if you may feel great and something unpleasant happens, know that you may have opened an old rusty tap… let it flow… let it go… it’ll clean itself. Do not resist to what you don’t like, because it’s part of the process. Pay attention to your body, when you are struggling with something, you are not letting things flow. You are blocking the flow of energy coming to you and through you.

Resistance is determined most of the times by our limiting beliefs or fears, by our opinion of how something or someone should be. Life is so much bigger than our minds and our minds are limited by the knowledge gathered in our life until that particular moment. Believing you can make an objective opinion about something is like stating that you know everything. There are millions a variable that can determine a situation and no human mind can see the whole picture. You probably heard often sayings like “the more I read the more I feel like I know less”. As mind starts to understand the magnitude of life, realizes how little knows. Learn to let go of the fears and limiting beliefs… and trust, have faith that the universe is always working towards what’s best for you.

Learn how to accept yourself right now — give credit to your past accomplishments and look forward to a better tomorrow. Do not dwell on negative thoughts and pay attention to what you say. Try not to resist something negative by using words like don’t, can’t, won’t, not. Replace these words with positive statements like I am, I deserve, I embrace. So, instead of saying “I can’t deal with this right now”, say “I am dealing with this later”. Notice when a problem or challenge arises, stop for a moment to acknowledge it and allow it to flow… remember that life is simple and easy. When you notice you are resisting, allow yourself to accept and forgive the situation, thing or person that you are resisting, feel it in your body, breath through it until you release the resistance. You will know that you have succeeded when you feel free, lighter, aligned and expanded.

Do not think for a second that life happens to you… nothing happens to you… everything happens through you. You are Life! You are Love! You are Power! You are Strength! You are Health! You are Prosperity! Allow all these to flow through you; do not resist anything; when you close the tap because of the rust, the water stops flowing as well. Accept what is, believe that there is good in what is, look for the good in what is, and give it a bit of time to clear itself.

Let it go!

Thank you for reading.

Love and Peace!