In his book, “The Science Of Getting Rich“, the author Wallace D. Wattles talks about the Law of Perpetual Transmutation. Simply put, energy from the formless realm is constantly flowing into the material world and taking form. This energy is limitless… inexhaustible. As old forms are exhausted, they give way for new forms to emerge from the invisible hidden energy of the universe.

In other words, “what we think about, we bring about”. The energy of our thoughts transmutes into the physical world. Imagine that there are two worlds, one that you see with your mind’s eyes and another one you see with your physical eyes. The law of perpetual transmutation facilitates the transition from one realm to another by applying energy to whatever you want or don’t want to manifest. Yes, even what you don’t want manifests into the physical world simply by giving energy to it, and the energy can be both positive or negative.

You are a mass of energy, you have enough energy in your body to illuminate a city like London for a whole month. We use this energy to do things, either physically or mentally, most of the time trivial. What most of the people don’t realize is that by focusing your mind on an idea, you give energy to that idea and that idea grows, expands, and eventually manifests into the physical world. If you love your idea you’ll end up with something you love, if you hate your idea, you’ll end up with something you hate. The good part is that you can choose.

The law of perpetual transmutation also applies to the physical world: a spruce seed changes into a tree, the tree can be changed into paper, the paper can be changed into a book, the information from the book changes into ideas, and the ideas change into a physical reality, therefore a spruce seed can change in literally anything.

The energy is always moving and transmuting into and out of form, is always in a state of motion. It will take one form, move to another form… it’s always in motion and never still.  This law relates to the universe and our consciousness through the realization that everything seen and unseen is constantly changing. We can and transform this energy into whatever form we desire, the energy that is within us at the moment can be focused toward good and then the things around us and within us will change for the better.  The energy is flowing into our consciousness constantly, we transform this energy into whatever we choose through our focus of feelings. The formless energy is amenable to being shaped by our minds into whatever we focus on.

How can we use it to our advantage? Understanding this law means understanding there is never going to be a lack or limitation. The Universe is abundant through its infinity and its infinite possibilities – anything can be created.

The planet created resources millions of years before we started inhabiting it and we still find new utility for these resources every day. Nobody thought of digging for oil until the need for it was created. Nobody thought of energy until the need for it was created. Everything was created as a result of a demand, a need. Everything is created out of something else. Do you want money? Think money, feel the money and they will be created for you. Do you want a specific car? Feel it and it will be created for you.

There is no such thing as limited resources, but if we think there is a limit, and focus on the limit, we give energy to this limit, and by law, a limit is created. We are the creators of our limits but we are also the creators of possibilities. Everything can be transmuted from something into something else through thoughts and feelings.

Because he had a very good understanding of this law, Earl Nightingale said “change is the only thing you can count on”, where people are usually afraid of change. If you understand this law, you understand that anything is possible and no matter how rich you want to be, you can. The Universe is infinite and abundant. The Universe knows no limits, no restriction. The Universe provides you with anything you want. Align your thoughts on the right frequency and it shall be created for you. Use this law for your benefit in the way of shaping the formless that is flowing to and through you at all times into whatever you desire.

Thank you for reading.

Love and Peace!