The Law of Relativity states that everything just is, it is what it is, and can only be defined in relation to something else. I.e. There is no hot or cold. The Sun just is; it is hot compared to something else. The ice just is, it is cold compared to our body’s temperature. You are who you are… good or bad only in comparison with someone else; if you would be on your own planet all by yourself you would be neither good nor bad.

We are unique human beings. Look around you in nature: all the animals blend into their environment… the only one standing out is the human… it is the only one who doesn’t blend in because we have something the animals don’t have and that is creative power. We have imagination and we can imagine a certain house and we can build it, we can imagine a car and build it… we can imagine a world and build it. The world you live in was built by your imagination… hard to grasp? it is true! You are the creator of your own environment, you created the life you live with your own mind… for 96% of the population this happened unconsciously and this is why it’s so hard to understand.

When we look at the world around us we observe it and we focus our energy on what we observe, and what we observe receives our energy, and what receives energy grows. The world around you just is. If you choose to observe poverty, anger, hate… you give energy to that, and that grows. However, if you choose to see there is wealth around you, possibilities, people driving fancy cars, eating in fancy restaurants if you choose to see happiness and riches, that’s what you give energy to and that’s what grows. You may think: “how will the poverty change if I ignore it?” It won’t change… it will dissolve, and if you by yourself can’t change the environment you live in, eventually you won’t feel comfortable in that environment and you will be attracted to other places where you will see things that match your focus.

Migration is the best example: people who think of a better life don’t feel comfortable where they live and start migrating to other places, countries. Their life was not good in relation to their dream and it had to change for them. I talk a lot about the fact that we are the creators of our own world and some people don’t grasp the concept properly. We are not trees! We don’t have to stay in one place, but if we stay that’s because we’re comfortable there. We complain about our position, we focus on it and give it all the energy and we unconsciously create more of it.

Start dreaming a better life and relate to that.
Start building an ideal life on the screen of your mind and relate to that!
Focus on what you want, give it energy and you will unconsciously create that. You won’t even have to do anything, because it will all be done for you. The Universe will apply its laws to your focus, your energy, your feelings.

Your life is bad if you choose to see it that way by comparing it to what you want, but your life just is – it is your life! it is your creation, so it must be good. Choose to see the good in your life, focus on what it is good and if you struggle to see the good, apply the law of relativity: other people are sick, homeless, starving and if you compare your life to theirs, you’ll start seeing the greatness of the life you created, you’ll start noticing how many good things you have in your life and as you focus on them, and you are grateful for them, you give them your energy and they will start growing and your life starts changing.

Accept everything as it is and if you must relate to something, do it to your advantage. Relativity is a choice we all make, and based on this choice we decide the trajectory of our life. If you look at your bank account and compare it with Jeff Bezos’, you’ll live a life of disappointment. Just be grateful you have a bank account, be grateful that it is limitless and you could have as much as you want in there… imagine wherever amount you want and focus on that, be grateful that your account can hold that amount in it. Gratitude takes you to its frequency and by law, you will attract more things to be grateful for. Albert Einstein also said “If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life thinking that it is stupid. Everyone is a genius.” You are a genius, make the most of it! Chose to see the good side. Choose to focus on what you want because that’s how you create what you want.

Thank you for reading.

Love and Peace!