When you hear the word sacrifice, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Is it the ancient act of sacrificing animals to a deity, or the completely selfless act in which someone does something for another entirely for the other person’s benefit?

Either way, they both have the same core value of sacrificing something for something else considered to have a greater value. Sacrifice does not mean giving up something for nothing; it means giving up one thing for something else we believe is worth more. When they were sacrificing animals to gods, people believed that this way they were gaining grace from their God, which was worth more for them. When we sacrifice ourselves for our dearest ones is because we value them more than we value ourselves.

The Law of Sacrifice says that you cannot get something you want, without giving up something in return. In order to attain something you believe is of greater value, you must give up something you believe is of lesser value. The more you sacrifice the bigger the reward, however, even though it looks like an exchange, it requires a great amount of faith, as the gratification doesn’t come instantly nor in the form you expect it.

There is an old practice that requires a sacrifice of a tenth of your income to ensure more will be given back. In the old times this income was measured in animals (i.e. lambs) crop, etc. nowadays we call it money. The idea is to sacrifice a part of it the same way you use the seed to multiply the crop. When you give money away to charities or people, you’re planting seeds for a bigger fortune. It is a well known fact that the richest people are also the biggest philanthropists. Some would argue that saying: of course they are because they can afford it, but the reality is the other way around: It is because they are philanthropists they got rich.

Some people would say: how can I be a philanthropist when I can’t even afford to pay rent? The answer is: your current reality is the result of your past actions and you are where you are because of your past actions and thoughts. Harsh? maybe… but it’s true. Change the way you think and your future results will change; change the way you act/ react and your results will change. Don’t look outside for solutions… the answer is within you! You have so much to offer… so much love and kindness within you that you can give… sacrifice… Start with that! Give your love to the one that wronged you, be kind with all those you interact with and the world will start changing around you. Have faith that whatever you sacrifice will be returned to you in a form or another.

If you want to lose weight, you have to give up the junk food, to sacrifice those foods you love so much but you know they’re not healthy; No foods are bad in reality, however, it’s our belief that makes them unhealthy. Because someone said sometime they are bad and we believed it made it bad. If you want to lose weight you have to sacrifice some of your time for exercises… either way, deep within us there is this idea of sacrificing something for a greater good.

Frederick Douglass said: “A man, at times, gets something for nothing, but it will, in his hands, amount to nothing.” We often hear about people winning the lottery and in a very short period of time declare bankruptcy. The statistics say that 70% lose their winnings within 3 to 5 years. Why is that? because there was no sacrifice. Rich people start by sacrificing their time in a big dream and when they get compensated for their sacrifice, they carry on sacrificing even more and the more they give, the more they get… it’s the law and this is the beauty of it: not only is it the only path to achieving your goals, but the path itself prepares you to handle life at the top. Sacrificing not only gets you to your goals, but also shapes you along the way.

“The Law of sacrifice is to give up something that is of a lower nature. For example, in order to enjoy extraordinary success in life, we have to sacrifice our time, put in the effort and be disciplined to work for what we want to achieve. We have to be persistent and persevere to work on what we want in order to achieve it.” – Bob Proctor

If you are unhappy with a choice you made, it is because you chose something that you do not really believe to have higher value than that which you left behind. If you’re having troubles making a choice it is because you value too much what you have and you’re having difficulty in sacrificing that for the new one. This is why it’s said “good is the enemy of great” – we’re having difficulties giving up the good to make room for the great. The great can’t be in your life as long as good takes all the space. Sacrifice it and have faith that greatness will replace it..

At the end of the day then, the most important question we should ask ourselves when evaluating our dreams, desires, and goals, may not be, “What am I willing to do to attain them?” but “What am I willing to give up?” How much are you willing to sacrifice for your goals and dreams? If you’re not willing to give up your good life, you will be stuck in it. Understand that life is a series of trades. For everything you gain, you lose something; for everything you lose, you gain something. It’s how the law of sacrifice works, you cannot have it all, but you can always have more with the right attitude.

Thank you for reading.

Love and Peace!