The Universe is a source of unlimited supply. It is enough for everyone and if we focus on abundance, our feelings, emotions and actions eventually attract abundance into our lives.

Unlike the microeconomic law, the universal law of supply states that there is an unlimited supply of every good that we can imagine; you and I are entitled to a full and ever increasing supply of everything we need or desire, and everything comes from one Infinite source.

I know it’s hard to believe that you can have any and all of the things you desire, but that’s because you’re just going by what you can see, hear, touch, taste and smell. You see and experience limitation because you’re looking at life through limited sensors. Your eyes can only see so far, your ears filter what you hear, when you touch an object you only feel the contact point and so on… but when you go beyond your sensory factors, and connect with the universal source, you broaden your scope, and see things from a much higher level.

We are intended to live an advancing life; just like a seed in the ground that wants more and more sunlight, nutrients and water, we have a natural desire to grow and evolve. The law of our being is perpetual increase, progress and growth. So, when we achieve something, another desire for even greater good will develop naturally. And when we reach that higher state, we develop an image of yet a better state. When you know in your heart that you deserve to have more and more, and that you are not harming anyone else by helping yourself, then you will begin to work with the Law of Supply and be a light in the world. This phenomenal law works for every person, every time, everywhere—and it can help you live the life of your dreams.

The Law of Supply is not actioned until a demand is set in motion. The Universe is forever responding to you and whatever you are focussed upon is understood as a demand. Focus on illness is a demand whether you think you want illness or not and it will be supplied. Even if you are speaking about not wanting the sickness, if you focus on it, that is what you demand and that is what it is supplied. Don’t be surprised if you get the very sickness you are trying to avoid.

If you want to be supplied with health you must demand health. It’s not enough to just live and hope things will be well. Health is part of the Universe same as abundance, joy, happiness, success and any other attribute you could imagine. The only reason you may not be enjoying any of these things is because you have made no demand on them.

Christians have been told “ask and it shall be given to you” In other words, whenever you make a demand of whatever kind, the supply is always given. This is how the law naturally works and it cannot fail. “Whatsoever you desire when you pray, believe that you receive them and you shall have them.” You must be happy and grateful for what you’ve got but never satisfied!

Belief is the foundation of the law, which consecutively determines what we see. So believing comes before seeing. Demand is always followed by Supply. For example, a car hasn’t been available before a man imagined it. When there was a demand for a car, it could be built. The same principle applies to all things we use on a daily basis. An important trick of the law of supply is the thinking way. If we worry about where our money will come from, we focus on lack, this way we demand lack which causes the supply to be limited or restricted. Your mind is like a magnet and it attracts to you the things and circumstances you think. It has a tremendous power and it must be trained to attract things you want, not the things you don’t want!

Give yourself permission to go after the greatest desire you’ve ever possessed. This spiritual law of supply is the one that enables you to realize one great desire after another. There is no harm in dreaming big, and you spend the same amount of energy thinking of a £1,000 as you think of £1,000,000. Why dream of driving a car when you can dream for “The Car” you want? Why dream having a house when you can dream living in “The House”? Why dream budget when you can dream luxury?

Are you afraid your dreams may not come true? they are unrealistic? too good to be true?… your belief serves you whether you want or fear, your reality is the one you create in your mind. If the government would implement this law of supply, would you ask? would you demand a better life?… of course you would…

Start dreaming, start creating and start demanding the life you want!
Ask, believe and you will receive!

Thank you for reading.

Love and Peace!