The first invisible law we’re going to introduce is the law of vibration. It’s the easiest to understand because we can see its utility very often throughout life and we can make lots of analogies. The law of vibration simply states the obvious: everything moves and nothing rests. When I was a kid in school, I had this picture on the wall that read: “Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed” Antoine Lavoisier – he defined it as the law of the conservation of mass as he observed that the whole world is in a constant transformation.

Your body is in a state of vibration, water has a state of vibration the rocks have a state of vibration and if you don’t believe me, put them under a microscope or ask a specialist. Your body is continuously changing, visible when you are growing and less visible when you’re grown up but even so you can tell your nails and hair are growing. The cells in your body change all the time… every couple of years you have a brand-new body. Death is not actually the end but the beginning of something else.

A plant, when grows, is in a state of vibration, all the cell moves around to give it a certain shape. When it dies, again it is in a state of vibration which we call disintegration. You have ice, snow, water, clouds… all different shapes of vibration of the same thing. If you try to mix water with oil, you’ll notice they stay separate… different levels of vibration.

Look around you… everything you see had at some point a different shape… a different vibration, the same mass, a different vibration. Paper was once in the shape of a tree; a glass was once sand which was once a rock. The plastic is made of oil, the tires were once trees, every shape of metal was once ore… all different vibration states of the same thing and all can be found in the same mass called earth, but the earth as well it’s a combination of meteorites and gases… you get the idea.

The brain, on the other hand, is more than a mass of vibrating cells… it’s a station that sends and receives signals on different levels of vibration. For instance, if you are sad, your brain aligns itself on a frequency to express your feeling and sends signals to your body, which aligns as well on the same frequency, and everybody is able to see and feel this in you. When you’re feeling happy, your brain raises to a higher form of vibration which causes your body to express happiness and you can tell when a person is indeed happy.

Have you noticed when you smile to somebody, instinctively they smile back? You also noticed when somebody has a “fake smile” and you probably noticed in traffic when an angry driver starts shouting, those around tend to respond accordingly? It’s the vibration everybody is on and it acts like a magnet as well. Because of their level of vibration, all those people attracted each other into one place. If you surround yourself with positive people, you’ll end up on the same frequency. You surround yourself with successful, rich people and you end up on the same frequency.

The reason for all the exercises we’ve done so far: repeating the self-confidence formula, gratitude statement, the affirmations, doing the good deeds to random people, is purely to bring you on a level of vibration for success and make you a station of good vibe, transmitting on a higher frequency, therefore magnetizing similar people/ circumstances. Success doesn’t come to you… you align yourself to its level; you don’t have to fight for it, don’t have to chase it, you align yourself to its level. It’s that simple.

I hope this makes sense and if you want to know more about this law please do email me and I’ll happily explain whatever is you want to learn and understand. In the meantime keep practicing your exercises, change your habits, build a new paradigm and success will be on autopilot.

Thank you for reading.

Love and peace!