Mind and Spirit/Energy live in the same body. The distinction is that Spirit always lives in the present, where the mind lives in the memories of the past and imaginative future. If you’d be to give a personality to your mind you could confidently assume it’s desperate for attention and willing to do anything to keep you away from the present as that’s where the mind doesn’t exist… in the present.

When you live in the present you live with Spirit, you appreciate the moment, what you have, what you are. Appreciation is gratitude, and gratitude is the amplifier of the creative act. Mind’s desperation for attention will always try to “remind” you things from the past and promise you a “better” future. That promise is putting you on a waiting list.

The promise for “one day I will be rich”, “one day, when I will find my soul mate I will be happy”, “when this or that will happen I fill find my peace” keeps you on a permanent waiting list because you will never appreciate what you have now, you are unhappy with who you are and where you are and constantly looking for better and that’s why people can’t get out of this vortex, they’re always waiting for “it” to happen, but the lack of gratitude simply keeps them on the waiting list.

Live in the present, live now, appreciate where you are, appreciate what you have, be grateful for the people in your life, for your achievements and how far you’ve gotten and how much you’ve learned. You are now a better person then you were yesterday because you have extra experience. You are alive and on a fantastic journey. You’re heading towards a better life, so be grateful for every moment, be grateful you are on this journey because your gratitude fuels you towards your goal.

Place yourself in the now and the future will come to you. Don’t let the future be ahead of you while you’re chasing it. Be in the future now. Live the life you want now. Stop waiting, stop complaining and stop chasing. Stop worrying! Worry is just a fear of being unable to achieve the life you want, the goal you dream about. Worry is not real, it’s a product of your mind. Your mind lives through your thoughts. Your mind loves drama and it feels alive. Your mind is your enemy… use it in your favor and ignore it when it doesn’t serve you.

The mind is a necessary evil and through the law of polarity, it must be good too. You can’t have a coin without both sides, but you can choose the side you want to look at. Learn to ignore your mind, because this way you take away its power and you take control of your life and your present, and become the creator of your future.

Cross yourself off the waiting list, jump the queue and see yourself as already there. Be grateful, happy and appreciate yourself for who you are and what you want to become will follow. You are a fantastic being with hidden superpowers. You can do, be and have anything you want as long as you do this now.

Thank you for reading.

Love and Peace!