From this point forward all is good, positive, amazing, fantastic and wonderful. Willingness is the first step towards something. And if you are on a state of willingness you are ready to do something, you are prepared and equipped. You’ve done your homework, you know where you’re heading and you’re moving towards it.

Theodore Roosevelt said: “In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing you can do is the wrong thing. The worst thing you could do is nothing.”

Albert Einstein said: “The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything.”

These people understood something: our life on this earth was not meant for stillness and idleness, but for growth and fulfillment. The purpose is not to be born, eat and die. The purpose is to do something that will help the whole humanity grow. We are all one! One powerful energy.

That’s why it is said: “Do not do on to others what you don’t want others to do on to you.” “Treat everyone the same way you’d want them to treat you.” We are all one equal energy. Willingness is giving more and sharing your gifts, looking around and saying all is mine and all is yours. Willingness is the gift of letting yourself be the gift to the world.

The “good morning”, “let me help you with that”, “it’s my pleasure to help” are expressions of your willingness… a true powerful frequency for the abundance of wealth, health and success. When you live in a willingness state, you live in an abundance of potential that awaits you at every step.

When money is what you need in your life, you start by giving, you give from your heart, you give because we all deserve it, it’s ours to share and not because you want it to come back. You know it’s coming back because we live in an abundant world and only those who give, receive.

When health is what you’re seeking, you give thanks for you are alive, you are breathing and have a working mind that you can use to create the ideal health. You give your best on exercising and acting as if you’re healed. You give power to the idea of being fully recovered.

When your relationship with your partner, friend, or colleague needs improvement, you start by giving them understanding, offering to them what you want from them, treating them the same way you want them to treat you; respect them and give them the space they need. Respect their decision and accept them for who they are. If you can’t accept them for who they are, you shouldn’t be with them, because the frequency of rejection comes back to you.

Willingness is your will in goodness.

Thank you for reading.

Love and Peace!