I run an online business from home.

I don’t stress about the alarm clock, I don’t commute to work, I don’t book my holiday around the need of other colleagues or the Company’s peak period.

I choose when I start working when I take my break, how many hours I work and more importantly I choose the work I want to do.

But the grass wasn’t this green when I started, because I had to face several challenges which I was not aware of when I was employed, 3 of which would have made me quit if it wasn’t for my wife to support me:

– no regular income

– a lot more work at the beginning

– the risk of starting in the wrong niche

Also, the fear of going back to work for someone else motivated me to keep on living to the expectation of a successful business owner.

But let’s go through each one of them:

  • No regular income – this is the worst of my fears. The bills don’t stop. Yes, I can spend less on food and use the same clothes for a while, but what do I do with the bills?
Woman stressed about not enough money.

How bad do you want change? How much do you want independence? How long are you going to work to fill other’s pockets and pick up the crumbles?

The hardest part is to give up what you already have – security, but that’s just an illusion! There is no security anywhere and the proof lays with the big companies that went bust in the last years i.e. Thomas Cook – 21,000 employees, Carillion – 43,000 employees, Blockbuster – 25,000 employees. Each of these companies was trading billions of dollars and 99% of their employees believed in a secure job.

The second hardest part is the commitment to your dreams. We all dream, and we all want a better life, but only those who commit to their dreams get to live them. I used to dream a lot! For 10 years I dreamt about becoming a millionaire but didn’t do a thing about it. It’s only me to blame, but no more! There are too many people out there that managed to create their dream life and I want it too.

There are no other hard parts… if you can convince yourself you have to give up what you have in order to replace it with something bigger and better and commit to this dream, you are successful! But don’t do my mistake – I quit my job before I started. If you have a job, even though you hate it, keep it for a while until your business starts producing. Dedicate 2 hours every evening to building your dream. “Don’t work 8 hours for a Company then go home and not work on your own goals. You’re not tired, you’re uninspired!”

  • A lot more work at the beginning – this is a common knowledge met in every aspect of our lives. It’s not extraordinary, It’s actually ordinary!
Man working late.

When I grew up, my parents worked hard to feed, dress and educate me and all I produced was poo. A tree takes years of growing before it starts giving fruits. When you build a house, you start digging a hole before you raise it above the ground and enjoy its warmth and coziness.

Yes, it’s so easy to get a job, working for others and get paid at the end of the month, but what you missed is the part where it took you years of learning and going to school in order to prepare for this moment.

Our parents gave us life out of love. If you have kids, you too love them and look after them and, please don’t say you don’t love them! If you feel like that, it’s actually your frustration of not having the courage to make the right decisions in life and find fault in them instead of yourself. Blaming others for your lack of happiness is your biggest weakness. When you start a business out of love for what you’re doing, with a clear vision of what is to be created, the work is a pleasure!

  • The risk of starting in the wrong niche – It happened to me! I’ve started on the wrong side not once, but twice. It cost me money and time, but hey! “Good decisions come out of knowledge and knowledge comes out of bad decisions.”

Charles Darwin said: “It’s not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.” As we grow, we learn a lot throughout, and that takes time, scars and sometimes money. Think of the time when you learned to ride a bike, skate, swim, read and write. None of these were things you were born with. Why should your dream be any different?

Who tricked you that the lottery money will make you happy? Did you know that 70% of the lottery winners declare bankruptcy within 5 years? Happiness does not come from things and money, it comes from the love for what you’re doing and creating. Money and things are the by-products of your happiness. When you feel happy where you are and what you do everything else is attracted to you by default. Happiness is not a destination, it’s in the journey! Do something you love!

Don’t let yourself down! Don’t give up on your dreams! You can do, be and have anything you want!

If you have other reasons not to start your own business that I didn’t mention above, please do share and I’ll see if they make me quit. “A quitter never wins, and a winner never quits!” said Napoleon Hill in his book “Think and grow rich”

If I convinced you to not start your own business, I thank you for reading and I look forward to your feedback.

However, if my story gave life to a sparkle in your heart and your mind started dreaming of all the places you could visit, all the things you could enjoy if you’d do something you love, I have the right tools for you, and you have my full support along the way.

I work with SFM. Jay and Stuart each started their own respective online businesses with little money from scratch and went on to build multimillion-dollar companies before joining forces. They credit their success to great mentors who guided them to where they are today. Because they understand how tough things can get on your own with big dreams, they’re passionate about helping others find the same success and mentorship they feel blessed with and so do I.

So, instead of figuring everything out on your own, they can help you out with:

  • What’s the best way for you to make a meaningful living
  • What products or services to sell and how to sell them
  • What’s the most effective online marketing methods to use
  • What’s at the forefront of the online business world and working now
  • What tools and resources to use and even which ones to avoid

They will provide you free training videos before you decide to join and to get access to them simply leave your name and email address HERE. You will have full support, both from me and SFM.

You can email me at silviu@arenes.pro, find me on Facebook or LinkedIn and I will be delighted to be of service. “Indecision steals many years from many people who end up wishing they’d just had the courage to leap” – Doe Zantamada.

Thank you for reading!

Love and Peace!

Every morning you have 2 choices: Continue to sleep with your dreams or… wake up and chase them!